Medical students in the fourth and fifth year will resume professional practices

And they were mobilized to the headquarters of the Ministry of Health in the province. They are advanced students in the medical profession and require that professional practices be performed in person.

We are students, simply this is not any political group or anything like that “We call ourselves because we have been in a complex situation in which we have been without practices in the respondents for a year and a half and we believe that this situation cannot continue as such,” said Lucas Benitez, on behalf of his colleagues.

“Last week, a proposal appeared on Wednesday, which is why we suspended the mobilization that we had planned for Thursday. This proposal consists that we will return the beneficiaries next week, and this proposal is also informal: nothing has been signed yet, and it will be signed this week. The university had previously raised it, and that is why we come today to the ministry to formalize our request, ”a description of the steps that have been implemented.

They also assure that they can cooperate with the defining moment, which is why the training that nearly 400 students deserve today cannot be delayed.

“Today the county has nearly 5%, 13,000 cases, so we understand the situation is difficult. Today in Santa Fe we have an epidemiological advantage that the community must take advantage of and take due care of, but we have to bear that in mind In two or three years we will become a core employee and waste time being able to train ourselves as correspondentsLucas confirmed.

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“ Medicine is a science not just a theory: we have to apply to the patient what we see in the books and that this time be a year and a half without the patient making one when he is faced with the inability to interrogate him as correspondence, he loses the experience that he should gain in these years, because when we go out To the field to be able to do it as a reporter, “he added on the importance of resuming professional practices.

“We are approximately 400 students – counting in the fourth and fifth years, 200 more or less per year – and this would ensure that the entire senior course returns to the respondents, and in the last year you do that and with this full upper part you will leave the course as I said, so you should To get good university training. “

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