Medical students feel abandoned by the authorities

Students From UNCo’s College of Medical Sciences, tired of not being heard by the authorities, I marched to show neighbors the situation they had to go through. They claim to have massive issues with test schedules, registration sessions, and other inconveniences that keep them from progressing with the race.

The student center was filled up on Mondays from the Plaza San Martin de la Mer Sibolite They walked the streets of the downtown area. Besides andThey expressed their dissatisfaction with the authorities about the lack of activities, and said they felt abandoned By the foundation.

Fernanda Jaramonio, president of the Student Center, said that although the problems started in 2020 as a result of the quarantine due to the epidemic, they are continuing this new year.

β€œThe university stated that the first semester will be all hypothetical, but in medicine The tests were also conducted face-to-face. There were many students from other cities who had already organized to study and perform remotely, and had to travel at the last minute. To Cipolletti so as not to lose the possibility, which means additional expenses, “he commented.

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He said there’s also a lot of mess uploading data to Siu Guarani’s system. He said, “There are students who have not imposed on them regularity, and it is necessary to insist a lot so that the final scores rise in order to be able to advance with the connections.”

I add that Classes start this year and committee schedules are not yet known“They let us record, but they never told us of the schedules,” they asked.

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“We wanted more information from the authorities to avoid all these problems. There is a huge lack of communication with students,” Garamonio criticized.

“Our career is very long and very complicated, and losing the exam schedule means falling behind a lot. It is a 7-year race, but on average it ends after 12 years,” the young woman said.

This Wednesday afternoon, a meeting will be held between student representatives and the Vice Dean of the College to address the problems in detail and find a solution to them.

They indicated, “All I can do is agree to speak with the authorities and have them listen to all our allegations.”

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