McLaren “takes off his hat” because of his “intelligence”

Since it first appeared in Formula 1 In 2015 by Red BullAnd Carlos Sainz Little by little he became an “old dog” in the “Great Circus”. In Austin, the veteran’s “55” shot to abide by a career decision, to please McLaren…and do not lose position.

The United States Grand Prix It didn’t start out as the best of the Madrilenian. After a bad start, driver Ferrari I slipped and got to the first corner in the middle of cars Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris.

To avoid being overtaken by the two of them, Sainz went outside, overstepping the bounds of the track and being forced to Let Ricardo pass By order of the Sports Commissioners.

“On the first lap there was a bit of a mess with the McLarens, I was fighting with both, I tried to defend myself and in the end I passed in front of them, but decided to let one pass in case the hosts decided to take action, but of course, I wouldn’t let them passExplained after the race.

However, several laps after the departure of his engineer Ricardo Adami He told him he should do the same with Norris: “Carlos, I’m afraid the race director (Michael Massey) He told us to give Lando a place for the first round.”

“No, no, I already gave it to Ricciardo in Turn 16. I raised it on purpose. I’ve already given them a position pleaseCarlos answered, but Macy was given no choice. So I’m afraid we have to do it now Let it pass.”

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Not happy with it, formerly McLaren Make a plan To return the center to the British and automatically overtake it again.

Sens’ “Plan”

Letting Carlos Lando pass between Curva 7 and 8, but he came down behind him in less than a second, and benefited from DR . area before he regains his twelfth turn in the race.

a Andreas SeidlMcLaren boss, had no choice but to accept the ’55’ genius: “Unfortunately Carlos did it in a clever way to get past Lando Immediately the next day in a row, so in the end we can not take advantage of receiving the position. It was clever because the rules allow it like that, So we take off our hats.”

Despite only relinquishing one position, Carlos was not completely satisfied at the end of the Grand Prix: “In the end they took action even though I let Ricciardo pass. It’s a bit confusing to be honest.I don’t like how they play positions. I think what I did by letting one of them pass was perfectly legitimate and should have sufficed.”

resolution son Join the new failure of Ferrari in the “pit lane” it Sainz’s “undermining” thwarted Ricciardo Which would have taken him to fifth place.

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