McDonald’s Monopoly is back in the UK, will it do so in Spain?

Monopoly de McDonald’s
Returns after a year of absence due to Coronavirus pandemic. The fast food chain canceled this game in 2020 but announced that it will be back in Summer 2021.

There is no fixed date for this game to return but British players are already celebrating the return of McDonald’s Monopoly.

However, for the time being this return is expected It will only affect the pockets of the BritishThis Veteran game will only be playable in the UK.

At the moment, as is the global situation, it does not appear that Monopoly, whose return caused a sensation in the British Isles, will not return to Spain In a short period of time.

What is McDonald’s monopoly?

To be able to participate in this game, all you need to do is participate Purchase any of the selected products Within McDonald’s wide offer.

These come with Adhesive label Removable and detects instant rewards or codes that can be used to claim bigger rewards.

In other cases, you need to collect a pair or three of them to win a cool prize.

Awards for this year aren’t revealed either, but they range in between Free burger up to £ 100,000 in cash.

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