Mauricio Macri travels to Italy to play the bridge and add more miles | It also plans to go to Spain, the United States and Qatar

One of Mauricio Macri’s passions is to play bridge. There are no international competitions since October 2019, At the end of this month the World Cup will be held in Italy. The ex-president plans to travel there, and for this reason, has requested permission from Federal Judge Julian Ercolini — who is handling the case of Spying on the relatives of the Ara San Juan Army, for which Macri is on trial-. Ercolini agreed to Macri’s request and left in reserve, as requested by the former president’s defense, where he will remain during his trip, which will also include Spain, the United States and Qatar – the venue of the next World Cup.

Macri has been on his agenda for the 45th Bridge World Championships, as journalist Rhodes Recalt published weeks ago in Rivista. News. The competition will take place between March 27 and April 9 in Salsomaggiore Terme, in Parma. Macri is one of the first team members to represent the countrybecause it comes out South American Bridge Federation website.

On Friday Macri’s defense attorney, Pablo Lanos submitted a document in which he stated that Macri planned to exit the country between March 25 and April 9. In that offer, he announced that he would make another offer containing the details of the residence but asked Ercolini to keep it so that the rest of the parties could not access it. The dates coincide with the Bridge Championship.

This afternoon, Ercolini authorized Macri’s new trip, which would include not only his time in Italy, but also Spain, the United States and Qatar –According to the decision he agreed to Page 12-. The judge had already announced that he would authorize requests to leave Macri’s country because he understood that they were justified as a former president and because it was the standard set by the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata when the case was still pending. Processed in Dolores.

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at the moment, Macri is out of the country. He traveled to the United States on Sunday to attend classes at the Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom at Florida International University. It will be there until March 21. A few days earlier, he had taken a day trip to Montevideo – on a private jet – to be part of a company event dedicated to overseas markets. Complaint that leads Valeria Carreras He objected to his travel and stated that Fabian “Pepin” Rodriguez Simon, one of his prominent advisors on judicial affairs, is on the run there.

An investigation into Macri’s role in spying on the relatives of the crew of the ARA San Juan submarine, which sank in November 2017, began on October 1. That day, Federal Judge Martin Bava — who is taking his place in Dolores — decided to summon him for investigation. By chance, the former president was traveling in the United States when he received the news. Macri was able to extend his show before the judge for more than a month, which he ended up doing last December 1. For Bava, Macri ordered missions that the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) carried out on families between 2017 and 2018. The spies, according to the judge, followed the relatives to Macri’s prediction of what their allegations could be on the topic of international attention.

denounce privileges

Carreras opposed giving Ercolini a “conservative” character to the actions of Macri’s trip, arguing that it was unfounded and heightened fear of the former president’s trip, But the judge did not share his opinion. “As a complaint we caution that there is no equality before the law or an impartial judge in the case of illegal spying on ARA San Juan families. He really defied Ercolini,” Carreras said. Page 12 After learning Federal Court decision No. 10. “Now, we are left with nothing but international justice and our certainty is certain: Commodore B guarantees impunity.”

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In her Monday morning briefing, the attorney noted at length which destinations Macri had visited recently and how they had been promoted in the media:

  • He was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he was known to have eaten at El Lechazo, where he cooks for Pergaminense.

  • He visited Chile to talk supposedly about climate change, but the newspaper Clarion He predicted that he would meet with Sebastian Pinera to give him his public support.

  • In the summer, he alternates between Cumlin’s cottage in Villa La Angostura and Joe Louis’ farm, according to Post this diary.

Macri does not appear to have been much impressed by the handling of the case that made him the main defendant, especially after the Federal Criminal Appeals Chamber took the investigations out of Bava. Now, it’s The Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires that must review its trial for espionage with the families of ARA San Juan. Carreras challenged the three first chamber members – Pablo Bertozzi, Mariano Lorenz and Leopoldo Bruglia – to deal with the file, and until these issues were resolved, the whole process was suspended.

On charges of spying on the sailors’ families, former leaders of the AFI macrista, Gustavo Arribas and Silvia Majdalani, were on trial. Other important directors within the former SIDE are in the same position, such as the former Director of the Meeting Eduardo Winkler – currently an official with the Public Prosecution Office of the City of Buenos Aires – and the former directors of counterintelligence operations Diego Dalmao Pereira and Martin Cost. With intelligence missions carried out from Mar del Plata, Bava was also governed by the former head of that delegation, Nicolás Eospa Benítez, and five other agents working under him.

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