Mauricio Macri said he would be “proud” to represent Argentina at the Bridge World Cup

previous president Mauricio Macri He said it would be “Pride” Travel to Italy next April to Representing Argentina in the World Cup for the bridgeafter a federal judge again authorized him to leave the country Julian Ercolini. The turns outward will take you too Spain, Qatar and the United States, Between the end of March and the beginning of April.

In parallel, Macri on Tuesday gave master class On the Florida International University The US thanked the opportunity through their social networks.

Macri will represent Argentina at the Bridge World Cup in Italy

The former president confirmed, on Tuesday, that he would travel to Italy afterwards Represents the first team of Argentina at 2022 World Bridge Championshipwhich will be held in Parma Between March 27 and April 9.

“I want to thank my colleagues for this invitation to participate with them in the World Bridge Championships,” Macri announced through his account on Instagram, adding that with that team. Already won the South American Championship In this card game of English origin.

“for me It is the pride of Argentina Being part of a global game tournament is as profound as it is wonderful,” highlights the Together for Change reference.

He added, in this context, that the game of bridge as a sport “It requires the same dedication and values More than any intense training, competitiveness, psychic strength, special skills, resistance, and especially in this case, the systematic study of plays, respect for rules and the competitor.”

He even took the opportunity to remember the father of India’s independence Mahatma Gandhiwho described him as “one of the leaders I admired the most in my life” and one of the “most famous players in history” in the sport.

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Macri’s Tour Abroad

Macri permission to travel Back outside by Judge Ercolini last Monday, because Work is underway In the case of illegal spying on relatives of submarine victims ARA San Juan.

In the solution, Ercolini authorized the trip and described the destinations in detail: “Kingdom of Spain, Republic of Italy, State of Qatar and the United States of AmericaJudicial sources clarified that “from March 25 to April 9, inclusive.”

Former President’s Lawyer Paul LanosIn that letter, he requested that the details of the itinerary be kept confidential in order to preserve their privacy.

In the decision where he authorized it, the judge in charge of the case provided details of the countries of destination and the date of the round trip, as well as affirming his obligation to notify the court to return to the country, but The reasons for the trip were not mentioned or accommodation.

Lanos had requested that his fate be kept “on reserve” to prevent “intimacy and privacy” from being “overwhelmed,” something contested by the lawsuit representing relatives of crew members who died in ARA San Juan.

Macri’s class in the United States

On the other hand, on Monday Macri gave a master class in Florida International University From Miami, United States, For the Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom of this study house.

“An excellent experience to participate as a teacher in the master classes organized by Florida International University,” he later celebrated on his social networks.

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Macri I have already authorized By Ercolini on February 25 to make this trip, in a separate decision from the one he decided to allow him to travel to the United States again at the end of March.

Thus the former president participated in an eight-course course on leadership called How to lead change: 8 lessons from business, sports and politicswhich will also include other teachers.

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