Mauricio Currie begins a tour in Canada

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state governor, Mauricio Cory Gonzalez started his business tour in Canada, Where he will seek new investments for Querétaro, which he does jointly with the head of the Secretariat for Sustainable Development, Marco del Prete Tercero.

On his first day in Montreal, he reported that he would hold several meetings with businessmen, including Bombardier, and then go to other companies.

In addition, some meetings with government institutions are planned during the meetings.

“We will have several meetings with many entrepreneurs with a very large company that is already an icon in Querétaro, such as Bombarbier, and then we will come back to see other startups. Then we will be with different companies. We will be with various government institutions, such as the Quebec External Relations case”

Corey Gonzalez stated that she will also go to Quebec where she will be doing more activities.

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He added that on Tuesday he will also hold various meetings to finalize the agreements and investments for Querétaro.

He stressed that the best way to move the entity forward is through the creation of employment opportunities, and therefore, will be sought to attract companies that settle in Queretaro.

“The best way forward in Queretaro and Mexico, the best social program is hiring and we will bring better companies to our state.”

The day before, it was also announced that they would meet with a Canadian venture capital firm that has settled in the entity, a coffee company.

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“I’m going with Bombardier, with Tim Hortons and other companies we’re seeing,” the state chief said.

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