Mateo Maldonado trains in Poland await the start of the World Cup

Mathieu Maldonado, an athlete from the High Performance Program of the Ministry of Sports, is in Gdynia, Poland, home of the world championships, the U21 laser recorder who will compete from August 20-27 for the world title with exactly 143 participants from 37 countries.

Matteo was working in our province in the period of the epidemic in physical form by order of Silvia Maldonado with work in the pool and with Gustavo Milla in the gym. Prior to his trip to Poland, he worked at CeNARD in Buenos Aires with his sailing training with Johnny McCall, Argentine coach of the Argentine Yachting Federation FAY.

This is Mateo’s first Under-21 World Cup, since then he has been playing under-19 competitions, such as the World Cups in Canada and Germany, along with South America in Peru in 2019, where San Juan was crowned champion. This upgrade requires the use of a larger (standard) wing, as I previously ran with a radial wing for the U19s.

In the Gulf of Gdynia, to the north of Poland and on the shores of the Baltic Sea, in the north of Europe, is the host city of the U-21 World Cup that the UK abandoned, citing its income multipliers. country due to the epidemic issue. Poland hosted the competition where Matteo will be the only Argentine to compete. In fact, only two South Americans compete with Mateo and Colombian Luis Antonio Plata, with whom San Juan trains daily. They were joined by Guatemalan Mathias Rosenberg and one of the Canadian participants: “We trained for two days. We did that today with the Colombian team, the Guatemalan team and a boy from Canada. We are already starting to see more people here, so we are preparing everything for the first regatta, which will be on the 22nd,” commented Matteo from Poland.

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Training will continue in Gdynia until the start of the tournament. And today they may be interrupted by a storm warning, which is one of the natural situations to be observed in this sport and which, when of great proportions, is contraindicated. On the other hand, the lack of wind also hinders activity, but so far this has not been a nuisance for training in the Gdynia fleet.

Mathieu strives to know the local conditions in terms of wind, weather, waves, etc., adapts to using a standard sail, and continues to practice regattas, so it is convenient to share training with other competitors, because the more they are. Best for Sanguanino.

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