MasterChef Celebrity: Jorge Rausch’s relationship with his first wife

A few weeks ago, it was known that Chef Jorge Rauch is back with his young ex-girlfriend Natalie Monsalve, which sparked a lot of controversy on social networks due to the large age difference between the two; However, the couple is still very close.

Before Rausch became Monsalve’s current boyfriend, he was engaged to Orit Feldman, a woman he met in Israel, while traveling after he “failed” to study economics at the University of Los Andes.

“I didn’t really like economics, so I left, went to work for a while with my parents, and then decided to go to Israel to finish my degree there. I was terrible at economics in the Andes, imagine later learning economics in Tel Aviv, in Hebrew: worse. That wasn’t the thing mine “The Chef mentioned in an interview with “Yo, Jose Gabriel”, where he also mentioned that at the time he was living with two of his housemates and one of them was precisely Feldman.

In addition, he admitted that it was during that stay that he discovered his love for cooking, because, according to him, he never liked to wash dishes, so dealing with them, while he was cooking, kept the kitchen clean and that was how it was.

Rauch then mentioned that it wasn’t the only time he met his wife, because they had known each other since they were children until I attended the same school.

“Yes, -Orit- was my first wife, and I got divorced and I never had a second wife, and I studied all the school with her here in Bogotá, in Hebrew. We met again in Israel and got married (…) She was really a great support” They also reported that they had two daughters.

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In terms of working life, the MasterChef jury said their business has always been family oriented. “I’m the chef, my brother – Mark – the pastry chef, Orit has always been doing restaurants, my sister-in-law has been doing the commercial part and my dad has always dealt with the money issue, which is funny”, revealing the current bond he maintains with his current ex-wife.

During the talk, Rauch said Orit encouraged him to travel to London to study cooking, after spending a precipitous period at economics faculties in both Los Andes and Tel Aviv. “I worked for many years in the kitchen in England in very famous restaurants, with Michelin stars; you trained me very well and in the meantime Marque trained him in sweets in Canada and in 2003 we got together and decided to open a restaurant”, highlighting the work and personal relationship he still maintains with his brother.

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