Martin Scorsese pays tribute to America's most famous horror trilogy

The director remains passionate about Ti West's work and praises him as the horror trilogy nears its end.

Just as receiving criticism from a director like Martin Scorsese is a bucket of cold water, since we are talking about one of Hollywood's great legends, a director's praise of a film is a badge of honor to be worn with pride.

Tee Westdirector of the horror trilogy s, Pearl And the last one Maxcincan boast that he conquered the director with his work.

Martin Scorsese has already sung its praises. Pearl In 2022, when s The first part was released in American theaters, but he had to wait until 2024 to present his verdict to the three. films Generally.

Apparently, the wait was worth it, because Maxcin The director has once again conquered with his vision of a decadent Hollywood in the early 1980s.

Martin Scorsese is excited to work with Ti West

On the occasion of the premiere of the film Maxcin In American theaters, Martin Scorsese sent a memo to New York times To sing their praises to West's trilogy.

The X trilogy represents a different kind of horror, related to different eras of American cinema. The first, X, is the 1970s; Pearl is a 1950s melodrama in bright, saturated colors. MaXXXine is an 1980s Hollywood film, old and desperate.

They are three interconnected stories set in three different moments of cinematic culture, which reflect the culture at large.

Martin Scorsese has been following Ti West's work since watching The Guests, the director's haunted house film. Maxcin Released in 2011, it is, by the way, not his best work, although it earned him the acclaim of one of Hollywood's most famous filmmakers.

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Ti West has already finished the X trilogy and is looking forward to future projects, just like Martin Scorsesewho has many films and series to be released after the premiere. Killers of the Moon.

Spanish cinemas will be launched Maxcin Next August 23, 2024and will come with praise from legends like Stephen King or Martin Scorsese himself.

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