Martin Redrado, on Argentina’s 5G network: “We must not give a foreign power the possibility to intervene”

Martin Redrado during the Western Hemisphere Security Forum organized by Florida International University (Infobae)

Martin RedradoSecretary of Strategic Affairs of the City of Buenos Aires, participated in the panel discussion “What’s next in technology and securityOn the second day of Western Hemisphere Security Conference 2023 organized it Florida International University to Miami He highlighted the importance of the arrival of both Argentina and the American continent as a whole Transparent and sustainable digital development. He even noted the importance of not giving 5G to systems that could use it against national and regional interests.

remarks red red It happened at a time when the 5G breakthrough he proposed was China woke several differences For the power you will give to Xi Jinping regime In countries that, all over the world, have decided to adopt it.

“The old concept of sovereignty is somewhat blurred when we talk about cyberspace and cybersecurity. There is no longer that concept of security in terms of boundaries that we had before integration, information sharing, data collection and sharing”he added. in this sense, red red The arrival of this “future” technology has advanced to Argentina Will be held “maybe next year” confirmed that the country must “Make sure we don’t give a foreign power the ability to meddle in the digital economy and the information economy”.

Coincidentally, at a time when Argentina It’s probably at the end of an era basis for a new beginning– As he prepares for a presidential election – the only way forward is Facing reality with microeconomics and a strong foreign policyThe Strategic Affairs Adviser to the Presidential Candidate of the PRO Party noted, Horacio Rodriguez Larita.

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“When we define what public policy should be in Argentina, from now on it should focus on development,” Redrado insisted, explaining that when thinking about foreign policy, they consider themselves Three pillars: Defense, data processing, artificial intelligence and development. However, to ensure this “transparent development”, it is not enough for Argentina to be clear about challenges Faces but that’s crucial to see How to enhance security in the hemisphere“As one piece.

Sam Howell, researcher at the Center for a New American Security, and Martin Redrado, Secretary of Strategic Affairs for the City of Buenos Aires, at the Western Hemisphere Security Conference (Infobae)

We will work together to find out the interests of the region and what Argentina can contributeHe added. Part of it is focused on lithium trianglewhich formed ArgentinaAnd Chili pepper And Bolivianand exploitation critical minerals. “We’ll see how to do that Connect with the rule of law and transparency In terms of supporting foreign investments that come to our country, and we will seek incentives for them to leave that added value in our country, especially when we talk about the development of lithium and in the field of 5G.”

The other side where Argentina is a great ally in the region is its own global competitivenesswhich stems from his book High level of training so is it development to adopt 5G and the Products based on the knowledge-based economy.

In addition to the development of 5G, Redrado pointed to the commitment that Argentina has embraced in the pursuit of it Defending and protecting the South Atlantic Ocean and AntarcticaAnd strategic areas which is – increasingly – affected by Chinese fishing and illegal activities.

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“I see progress for next year” as well as for “The next ten years”Reassured with confidence of the work that is being carried out in this field.

Redrado called for joint exercises with the United States and Brazil to protect the South Atlantic and Antarctica from illegal fishing (Reuters).

As a sign of his desire to put an end to these irregular practices, he called Washington So that, along with BrasiliaMade Coordinated exercises to “defend and protect our economic well-being on the platform”among others.

He continued, referring to Antarctic Treaty arrived in 1959 by twelve countries, including those of incumbent Joe Biden and Alberto Fenrandez.

“Argentina wants to have this important role in this field.”confirmed.

On the other hand, he suggested that “while the assessment of challenges in the region progresses,” his country should review its relationship with the countries of the region. NATOwhere is your current state ‘Non-essential ally’. “We have to think of an alliance that will allow us to finance.”commented, and instead suggested Formation of the “Intra-American Alliance” To assess “how to work with US multilateral entities and private entities — among them Eximbank —” to move forward Re-equipping the armed forces And Not only focus their efforts on “technology and the digital environment”.

It is of vital importance for the development of this alliance. There are challenges, there are many huge challenges, and we have to take a step forward, so we will reach a new era.He added and concluded by emphasizing that All this “brings us a better and stronger hemisphere”.

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