Martín Redrado for Dion was taken in by Matilda, daughter of Luciana Salazar

After legal twists and turns, Luciana Salazar gets justice for preemptively seizing one of Martin Redrado’s accounts For ten months at Matilda’s expense. Until his legal status is resolved, the economist will not be able to move money in pesos or dollars from that location.

Through social networks, the media shared the document proving that her ex-partner You must face the payment of the amounts owed. “It is a shame that whoever was president of the Central Bank and General Manager of Fundation Capital today, ironically, imposed a ban on his bank account for his lack of commitment to support children,” he wrote on his official Instagram account.

“I don’t know the actions of the person who was my partner with whom I have been involved for over 10 years, since then I wouldn’t have reached these states and less with a minor in the middle. Knowing that Matilda’s entry into this world was a joint decision, and for this reason all her rights were guaranteed before her birth, which was reflected in everything that she signed. “

In this sense, Salazar not only shot his ex-partner but also his current wife, Lulu Sanguinetti. “I hope you have someone by your side who helps you understand that hate never leads you to the right path.. You think you are hurting me, you only hurt a minor (violating her rights). But you basically do it with yourself who, as far as I know, is an eminent economist.”

exvedette spoke with View partners (El Tres) He confirmed that he lied all this time at Redrado’s request, to avoid problems with his environment. And decided to lay eggs that The economist “signed commitments as a father” to Matilda and that the girl was a “project” for both.

“Until things are understood and without having to tell the whole story, because I think the first one who should know is my daughter, and I would be very careful about that. I lied all this time at Martin’s behest,” confirmed Luciana Salazar.

“Matilda has always been a project for the two of us, Martin Redrado and Luciana Salazar. Things happened in the middle, but the project was always with him‘ said the model for the first time.

“During the year Matilda was on the set, we parted fantastically in public. We continued all that year togetherFollow lolly.

And they said so “Sign the papers on commitments as a father” to Matilda Before a United States judge before a notary.

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