Martín Raffo has appeared in a Canadian series for his contribution to mountain biking

Soon after he collaborated to produce a portion of the film ‘Down to earth’ From Canadian production company Anthill Films, Bariloche’s mountain biking standard has been chosen by Outside TV and Anthill Films as Someone who has a great influence on discipline, To be the hero of one of the chapters of “Return to Earth” – the series – which sheds light on his contribution to sports in his environment.

The 24-minute class is called “The Doctor” by profession, and the trailer is available on YouTube ( A few days ago, The series earned an Emmy nomination for camera work.

About his beginnings, he said that the first bike rinks were inspired by the “Los Bicivoladores” movie, in the early 1980s, with some friends who shared his desire to ride a bike. “There were no flat places here. The movie is about bicycles, which are done on a path similar to that of a pump but larger in flat places. We tried to build these circuits, but we ended up building on Otto’s slopes what you might call today a glide circuit.” We were ten years old kids; In size it wasn’t what we could do now, but conceptually it was the same, “Martin says.

Cepi continued to promote the sport in Bariloche and add more people. In 2018, he was called up to collaborate on the production company’s film, for the Argentine part, recorded in Bariloche in February 2019. It is a Canadian production company and the most important in bicycle movies.He explained about the company that published the discipline before the emergence of networks. “The sport itself owes a lot to this production company (…). To develop the mountain biking that we do, that was essential because they were the ones who showed what the rest are doing.”

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And so when the message arrived from Instagram with a suggestion to help with the movie, he didn’t hesitate to accept it. Collaborate by showing sights of Bariloche and the local mountain biking world. After some time, after accompanying for about a month in filming and introducing the discipline movement in Bariloche, he was cast to star in the series of the same name as the movie that highlights the contribution of various people to MTB.

“In the past year there were five classes of people who, for one reason or another, made an impact on their environment through their work,” he said. Among those chosen to star in this series, there is also a cameraman, two arcade builders, a runner and one of the first riders in the world to set up a school.

“A photographer was sent to each of usThe person who came to Bariloche is Jason Mannings, a phenomenon, and she won an Emmy, who spent ten days filming everything she did. They filmed a 24-minute episode for television in Canada and the United States. In South America, it did not air, although a five-minute trailer has access. The materials include interviews with notable Bariluchens cyclists, such as Pablo Sewald, Bogan Magister and Facundo Descalzo.

“I think they showed it to me because they saw me very passionate about the sport. And trying to make this passion have a positive impact on my environment, in my country. ”The passion he conveyed that led him to allow access to events such as the Shimano Open and the Argentine Downhill Cup, as well as the only date so far for the World Cup held in Argentina. In 2019, building The pump track and its global qualification dates.

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He said, “One of the things in the class is that I have to be the visible face.” “But There is no single eventNo bike school can be implemented alone and no lane construction can be done alone. I’d be a little more the visible face and the person out there pushing and trying to stop the wheel from slowing down, but not much more than that. Hurry involves a lot of people. “

To view the trailer (in English), you can go to

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