Mars opens the fifth factory in Martinria

Ramos Arespi, Kuah. – The Canadian company Martinaria International opened today its fifth factory in Coahuilaat a party presided over by Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solis.

Invest in this new factory 45 million dollars and will generate 350 direct jobs; It was installed in the industrial zone “Choi Maria Ramon” in Ramos Arizpe.

In his message, the Head of State thanked Martinrea’s managers and reiterated his commitment to continue creating the conditions for their company to continue growing in Coahuila.

He indicated that the next new investment for this company will be in CoahuilaWhich will be the sixth Martinria plant in the entity.

Riquelme Solis mentioned it Coahuila It was distinguished by its qualified workforce, labor loyalty, and for not having had a single strike in 30 years, which is a guarantee of competitiveness.

“Today we are the third most competitive country in the country, but given the size and population, we should be the first; in the same way we are the third safest country,” he commented.

Miguel Riquelme explained that indications Coahuila It stands out both nationally and internationally, and has confirmed its commitment to Martinrea to continue investing in the entity.

He was proud of his business relationship Coahuila With Canada, we hope to be increasingly productive and bring greater benefits to our people.

“We are fortunate to have more than 100 companies from Canada on our lands; during our administration they have arrived Coahuila Nearly a billion dollars of Canadian origin. In this way, Canada becomes the third country with the highest foreign direct investment during our government, accounting for 14 percent of our total investment.

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“Thank you very much for your trust Coahuila“.

In the same way, he noted that the state has already exceeded the figure of 50,000 jobs after the pandemic, which is a record in 2022 for our entity.

“We are the sixth entity with the highest generation of jobs. He pointed out that Ramos Arizpe became the city that generated the largest number of employment in the entity, reaching 11,855 “.

Riquelme Solis thanked the Ramon family, in whose garden this station is set, for being great promoters of our land and great allies of their government, as well as for generating certainty.

In his letter, Alfredo Alonso, Executive Vice President of the company’s Fluids and Propulsion Business Unit, noted that the company’s first Martinria plant in Coahuila 20 years ago in Saltillo, with nearly 300 employees, which has steadily expanded its operations in cities such as Arteaga and Ramos Arizpe.

He stressed that so far, Ramos Arizpe has more than 1,845 employees, and that with this new factory this number will increase by 2,195 workers in Ramos Arizpe.

“In general, in Coahuila (Including the opening of this factory) we have strengthened the presence of three business units, with a total of five factories and 4,500 employees,” he said.

The director added that for Martinria, Coahuila It was a place to do business, and he emphasized that the main point was the excellent relationship with the state government, which had always been in favor of industrial progress and innovations in processes.

He noted the support and guidance provided by the state government during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Through these experiences, we know we can always count on the state government’s team to help us tackle adversities as out of control as Martinria,” he said.

Mexico especially CoahuilaIt has been distinguished by paying special attention to the education and development of artistic skills of its people. High capacity and values ​​means that day in, day out we can manufacture products of high standards for our customers.

“Like Martinria, we are very happy and proud to be in CoahuilaAlfredo Alonso noted.

Similarly, Rob Wildeboer, CEO and co-founder of Martinrea Internacional, as well as Pat D’Eramo, President and CEO of Martinrea Internacional, agreed that in Coahuila Its operations have grown thanks to the support of the Miguel Riquelme government.

For his part, Jose Maria Morales Padilla, Mayor of Ramos Arizpe, commented that this new plant is a clear sign of investor confidence in CoahuilaThis reaffirms the industrial potential of the Southeast region.

“Governor Miguel Riquelme’s successful economic policy, along with his great work to maintain our state at optimal levels of security, employment and social stability, is paying off once again in more and better investments for our municipality,” said Morales Padilla.

Sandra Shaddick, Consul General of Canada in Monterey, also attended the new opening ceremony of the Martinria factory. Claudio F. Ramon, President of Grupo Amistad; Edna Davalos, local MP, and Claudio Brice, Secretary of State for the Economy.

In addition to state and municipal officials, administrators and presidents of universities and members of the Martinria workforce.

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