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A little mess is not a problem and can be helpful

The teachings of Marie Kondo and the famous KonMari method have been with us for quite some time and undoubtedly help in homes So that they can be a reflection that generates emotional well-being and spaces where joy and order prevail. Whether you use the teachings of her books or follow her social networks, the system will always be present and subtly associated with the name of this Japanese writer and businesswoman.

Defenders, like critics of his teachings and doctrine, do not wait and remain in constant combat to see who succeeds in emerging victorious. The truth is that no one can deny that it was a movement that has undoubtedly managed to bring order to the homes and workplaces of the world, but we must also Emphasize that if you’re messy, don’t let Marie Kondo upset you, because there’s simply nothing wrong with it.

Functional disorder from Marie Kondo’s perspective

Marie Kondo made people wonder if their lifestyle was the right one, or if they were just too messy. Questions that have a lot to do with each person’s personality and where adjustments need to be exact in relation to the advice that the queen of the system gives. so by saying,How messy we can be? Or would there be problems if Marie Kondo didn’t recommend the lifestyle?

Perfectionism can backfire

The correct answer will depend exclusively on each particular case and must be adjusted according to what generates a process that can be classified as successful for the lives of the persons concerned. This means that personality disorder often allows us to be effective It does not fully interfere with the evolution and unfolding of our daily lives.

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Marie Kondo counters order with chaos

Marie Kondo books, TV series and social networks are full of situations where People say and assert that the disorder is interfering with their lives in a negative way. With problems as diverse as interfering with the life of the spouses, at work, emotionally, in the loss of spaces and in the concentration necessary to be more productive and, finally, in normal life and in its proper functioning.

Chaos is relative and practical

To find out if the disorder is an obvious problem or not, there is a key and it is nothing more than Measuring personal functions in the environment, which according to Marie Kondo is chaotic. Hence, “This is my disorder” is often heard and with that knowledge I can see where everything is and work like a fish in water inside it.

Know how to identify when a disorder is a problem

It turns out that Extremes are dangerous and harmful, and this statement applies to both chaos and the strict order of thingsHence, flexibility, rationality and common sense are the most effective teachers when managing any situation that arises. Therefore, diseases, such as forced purchase or the fact of ordering and non-stop cleaning can be masked as an outlet to fill in some gaps.

Clutter and personal turmoil become a problem when they start to interfere with our daily lives., which leads to problems such as diseases and decreased labor productivity; Or regarding our private, social, family and love lives. And it is that in many cases the disorder is responsible for not accepting visits at home or otherwise, when order and perfectionism do not allow the acceptance of visits to prevent them from harming them.

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Clutter is a problem when it interferes with daily life

The weighting is relative and although Marie Kondo recommends having no more than 30 books in the house, for many this number is undoubtedly insignificant, although for others it may be too small. like Keeping closets tidy and shoes from other seasons perfectly stocked won’t make you a better or worse person.

As long as life is functional, these are variables that will affect daily existence little or nothing, so Being a little messy doesn’t mean any kind of risk but rather keeps you a person within the range of what is acceptable And healthy emotionally and physically And best of all: without getting into direct conflicts with the queen of order, Marie Kondo.

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