Marie Claire | Face yoga: 3 exercises to do at home and fight the passage of time

One of the great advantages of performance Facial yoga Is that, Unlike BotoxIt is completely free and can be made at home. However, like Botox, it can also be used to treat different parts of the face. Here, a specialist shares three exercises for different areas. With every exercise, it is recommended that you keep each exercise For 30 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Eye area

This exercise focuses on the upper part of the face. It removes wrinkles around the eyes, raises the upper eyelids, and removes stagnant lymph from the lower eyelid.

1. Place the tips of your palms on your temples and hug your head with your fingers.

2. Look in the mirror to see if the tips of your palms cover the ends of your eyebrows, it is necessary!

3. Squeeze the muscle first with the palm of your hands, then press back and forth.

4. Close your eyes and turn them tightly until you feel that the muscle underneath is working.

5. Relax your neck, shoulders, and other facial muscles.

Face lift

This face yoga exercise rejuvenates, elevates and unifies all 57 muscles of the face and neck. Reduces wrinkles on the face, neck and chest. The best time to implement this exercise into your routine is in the morning, as it stimulates your energy, wakes you up, and clears your mind.

1. Make a long, narrow “O” with your mouth, then press it down for a few seconds.

2. Then, pull the upper and lower lip firmly inwards over the teeth and hold.

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3. Support your chin with your finger to keep the “O” long and narrow.

4. Then lift your cheeks from the corners of your mouth as if you want to smile.

5. Make sure that wrinkles do not appear around the eyes. To avoid this, you can place your fingers on the temple and then apply pressure toward the muscles and up.

Double chin reduction

This exercise tightens and strengthens the muscle groups around and under the chin. Helps lift drooping cheeks and fully straightens jaw. It also reduces wrinkles on the sides of the chin, the so-called “bags”, removes the double chin and smooths the skin on the neck.

1. Smile, open your mouth, and make the “aaaa” sound.

2. Place the lower lip and the corners on the lower teeth and press inward.

3. Start by pushing your jaw out as much as possible and try to raise your cheeks.

4. You should feel the resistance between your cheeks being pulled and your jaw dropping.

5. When your jaw cannot move any more, cover the area around your mouth with two fingers on both sides to avoid wrinkles and hold.

In writing by Marie Claire

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