Mariano Macri said that his brother Mauricio eliminates those who do not submit to him | Harsh statements from the younger brother of the former president

“Political marketing has sold someone who is not. This brother, this partner who disappoints me, this politician who promised me and does not comply. He had a form of operation, from which I myself suffered, from submission and destruction,” said Mariano Macri, brother of former President Mauricio Macri, in A clear explanation of what was already entrusted to journalist Santiago O’Donnell in Hermano’s book, “You either advance or I destroy you.”

The brother of the former president said, “I observe as a citizen what happened, how he contested for power, and wanted to overcome the opposition, which is still a minority,” and shared with us the knowledge of his experience within his family and the behavior of a leader who knew how to throw a party and a center-right alliance around her character. “He’s someone who had destructive power. He didn’t know how to use force. I don’t want that for my country. I want honest people. It doesn’t mean they speak the truth, but then they act from end to end. It ended up lying,” Macri’s younger brother told a newspaper. Perville Daily.

“Socma (the family business founded by Franco Macri, the father of the former president) was a tool for building an energy project for Mauricio. There was no suggestion of frank dialogue, looking for an excuse that would lead us all to this situation. Speaking about the political ambitions of the former president, Mariano Macri described by saying It’s the only way.The only way was to make the group a tool that he could arbitrarily use in his political project.

“When he had to be president, when he contested for power and spoke in terms of opening dialogue and sitting down to make agreements, I lived in parallel what I experienced within my family. No dialogue, no agreements. Pure imposition. Whoever kills iron, iron dies. I don’t know if it was as He says he didn’t share in justice. Then it ends up being an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. If so, he’d demand it all. Argentines get nothing from it. Just more poverty and a country that doesn’t progress,” added a Macri family member, who described himself in O’Donnell’s book as Franco’s closest son.

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Mariano Macri joined offshore company Fleg Trading Ltd, along with his father Franco and brother Mauricio between 1998 and 2009. The shell company was registered in the Bahamas, a procedure that has become a common practice for companies not to pay taxes. Having lived in Washington, USA, he has been responsible over the years for the family group’s subsidiaries in Brazil.

Macri said, “My brother gets where he goes thanks to him. What touched him in my reading was his lack of anxiety, not merit. I try not to end my life or my future,” Macri said, adding: Talking about a person is complicated. I don’t see how a person who treats himself this way in his family life could be different on the outside. and the sleepy-faced Mauricio Macri, who watches the soap operas on Netflix and praises his wife orally,” repeated the businessman, “the witch who takes pictures with her daughter Antonia? It’s not what they see.”

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