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Last week, he traveled to the United States with Alma Lara, seventh dan of Nanbudu and chair of the National Grading Committee. The first training sessions took place on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Houston Beach where they spent a few days. As of Wednesday, the appointment is in Dallas, the center of Nanbudu in North America.

Arrival at the airport was on Monday 25, where the organizer of the courses, Alain Degubet, and Secretary of the Swiss World Federation Jean-Marie Mangeli, who also traveled there, were waiting for him. They traveled to Houston as the hectic week began. On Tuesday, they took the opportunity to make a guided visit to NASA, sponsored by the hosts, and in the afternoon, they put on a kimono and began their first training sessions on the city beach. They also practiced there on Wednesdays. It was a very technical exercise to resolve certain uncertainties and prepare the teachers who would begin teaching Nanbudo in many cities in the United States, among the most important being Bloomington and Boston.

In the afternoon, they went to Dallas, where the official opening ceremony of the course was held, in which the daughters of Mariano Carrasco took part, performing individual kata exercises and fighting in pairs with local nanbudukas.

Training began Thursday with a specific introductory session, for non-nanbudo practitioners interested in starting the practice, taking advantage of a portion of this martial arts focused on improving health. Many people came to Our Lady of Lourdes Center in Dallas, where the course was held, and enjoyed a wonderful session directed by Mariano Carrasco. Then, the rest of the stage entrants joined the class and started dynamic work, revising kata and martial techniques, doing group exercises and power exercises.

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Friday passed the same way, focusing on training in the afternoon. Similarly, non-practitioners were given the opportunity to start in Nanbudu and then a dedicated competition class was held, as the United States has a very interesting quarry for future national and international tournaments. The emphasis was on combat, although the final part of the training was devoted to polishing the details in the kata.

On Saturday, he spent the entire day at the centre. In the morning, the training was conducted, at first targeting the brown and black belts, then the rest of the scores were combined, in which work began the day before and continued with the addition of the referee figure to practice all aspects of the competition. . After the meal, the National Assembly of Nanbudu convened in the United States, where the presence of Mariano Carrasco and Alma Lara was required to discuss the laws that were eventually approved. As Dai Seihan, the highest rated Nanbudo in the world, Mariano Carrasco will be part of Nanbudo USA as an advisor, and the proposal has been unanimously approved by the Board of Directors.

In the afternoon, the last training sessions were held, and this time all of them took the opportunity to conduct a global review of all the techniques implemented during the week. In the end, the planned first, second and third DAN examinations were held, and again the basic exams of Mariano Carrasco and Alma Lara were taken, since one of their tasks on their trip to the United States was the formation of the tribunal of degrees, for which they were summoned by the World Federation.

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The course concluded with a passionate party, with the help of sponsors and organizers, as well as Nanbudu exhibitions and performances by folk groups from different American countries.

On Sunday they had a day off and the American organizers, in their great role as hosts, accompanied the whole family and had a nice day in the water park, where they were able to strengthen bonds and foster coexistence with the youngest, who have I was very satisfied with the course and above all, very excited to continue Work and practice Nanbudo.

Already upon their return to Spain, Mariano and Alma were very pleased with the development of the course and confirmed Nanbudo’s launch in the United States, a country expected to see big events in the upcoming seasons, which is already beginning to take the road. The rhythm of the season doesn’t stop, and on the 20th of this month, Mariano Carrasco will travel again with Alma Lara to Caslano (Switzerland), to teach a new Nanbudu course all weekend.

In addition, before the end of this cycle, there will be a national championship between clubs for all levels and black belt exams in Spain, and at the end of July there will be the long-awaited International Nanbudo Tournament in Playa de Aro, Girona, which will take place on the 4 Dai Sheehan, unique of Its kind in the world, among them Mariano Carrasco, to which many nanbodocas will travel from Huesca.

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