Mariana Sanz is the new CEO of the Edelman Agency for Latin America

Under the leadership of the Mexican CEO, in 2020 the local subsidiary Edelman became the first PR agency to win an award at the Círculo de Oro creativity festival for its ‘Veladora KFC’ campaign, for which it achieved a gold medal in the direct marketing category.

It is also the first in its field to be recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the private sector Transferred Expansion Agencies 2020 .

With this new appointment, the Mexican CEO will replace Alan Macria Steele, who, in addition to leading the Argentine Communications Agency subsidiary, will now be responsible for expanding the business in the region.

Under Macria, Edelman’s operations, revenue, and geographic footprint have grown exponentially in Latin America. “With more than 25 years of experience, Alan is the one realizing our regional growth strategy,” said Lisa Kimmel.

As part of this expansion in the region, it was announced that the Zeno Group had arrived in Mexico and is an agency of DJE Holdings, which will be chaired by Paula Serrato, who since 2015 has held the position of Senior Vice President of the brand and today is responsible for the position of the company in the country.

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