Maria Leon defended her sensual photos: “Show the skin as we want it to swell”

Maria Leon revealed that she was frequently asked about her Only Fans account (Image: Instagram / @sargentoleon)

Singer Maria Leone is promoting ant movingAnd The song he recorded with Gloria Trevi which represents a positive step in his career, as mentioned recently.

“It worked out in a very nice and interesting way, and at the same time in this pandemic, Gloria and I were making our albums separately, working with (composer) Marcella de la Garza and at one of those moments some of my songs stopped in Gloria’s ear and she said (to Marcella) What is this? , and he said, “Ah, it’s a song I write with Maria and he said ‘I love that song’ (…) He said, ‘This song should be sung by Mariah for her album, so ask her if she wants us to sing it together.‘, the compiler revealed in the program first hand, where he claimed to know the more human side of Gloria.

“Today we are friends, when I had the luck to meet her, I fell in love even more, besides she has so much energy that I don’t know where this woman comes from, I learned her humility, her generosity, her faith in me and in my enterprise the heart came to me.”

The singer is a fan of pole dancing (Image: Instagram / @sargentoleon)
The singer is a fan of pole dancing (Image: Instagram / @sargentoleon)

In addition to her artistic talent, the former member of Playa Limbo He excelled at encouraging his fans to lead a healthy life Through physical activation.

The famous singer showed off her slim figure and appeared on her social networks with minimal clothes and her routine training in specialties such as conditioning. Fitness, Pilates and column dance, an activity in which he distinguished and even incorporated it into some of his music videos.

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Showing a sensual picture and sharing photos where her physical attractiveness looks great, some of the singer’s followers You have been asked to open an account at Only the fansThe popular subscription platform for accessing exclusive sexual content.

Maria started her career in the band T' de Tila (Screenshot: Sargentolion/Instagram)
Maria started her career in the band T’ de Tila (Screenshot: Sargentolion/Instagram)

“For me it was very important to show this sensual part only because suddenly there was this need for different people, because of this historical and social issue, to denigrate the parts, especially women,” the singer said.

For Maria, the fact that the human body is shown in public It is necessary in these times and does not conflict with everyone’s profession, who advise them to feel proud of their sensitivity.

“Let people know we are everything: we can be professional, we can have emotional and mental intelligence, we can have a career, we can be many things. We can also feel our bodies, our sensitivities, and our skin’s appearance, as we want them to swell.Maria Leon said regarding women’s empowerment.

Maria Leone appeared in the musical "Today I can't get up" At the Teatro 2 Cultural Center in Mexico City (Photo: EFE / José Méndez)
Maria Leon performed in the musical “Today I Can’t Get Up” at the Teatro 2 Cultural Center in Mexico City (Photo: EFE/José Méndez)

Regarding the popular content platform in the UK, the singer who recently participated in the play Today I can’t get up, confirmed that he did not think about it, because For her, being sensual in her social networks is “more inspiration than profitable”.

“I don’t know if OnlyFans is a platform for me, because I don’t do it in a profitable way, I do it in an inspiring and motivational way, because there are other women who do it too, Payment for the service suddenly became a requirement; The thing I want you to give me as a person becomes a requirement and I give you what I want,” he added.

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He asserted that showing himself to his fans has become an affiliate artist partnership, outside of platforms: “That’s why I translate it to social networks in this way … for free, let’s call it that, or at the level of collusion. I don’t think it’s a platform for me,” he said.

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