Maria Corbera, for the Canadian medal with one eye in Paris 2024

The story of Maria Corbera (Madrid, 30 years old) This can be summed up in how elite sport (and its unity) ends up tanning everything, something beyond simple competition or sporting success. The boat, Denmark’s world gold last year in the C2200 class with Patricia Cocco, sets no boundaries. Tomorrow begins his journey in the World Championships in Canada (August 3-7) “With the highest expectations and mesmerized to see what I am capable of.” It all started with his brother and a summer course, which sparked the curiosity of Corbera and At the age of six he took up a paddle for the first timemaking it clear that he will not leave her.

Belongs to Aranjuez Canoeing School Club and BA in Physical Activity and Sports Science From the University of Seville, he had to combine studies, competition and training. After reaping countless successes at the national level, Madrilenian takes world gold in 2021. pass through “My best sporting moment”does not set a cap and is very clear about the biggest challenge in the medium term: Paris 2024. After the severe setback that led to the skipping of the Tokyo Games 2021 When he fell in the tiebreak test against Antía Jácome, he wants to remove that thorn She hopes to do so at the next Olympic event.

She also currently works as a coach at her club, where she says: “Help out with everything possible to ensure that children continue to grow and bring joy to our sport.” Regarding the World Cup that begins today, Maria looks very strong and is aware of that. “You made a very big leap between last year and this year In order to maintain this state of shape. I was very close to the medal (C1 200) in the Czech Republic and I want to get the best possible result in next year’s Olympic qualifiers.”. World Cup tests in The ones that will compete with the Corbera will be the C1 200 and C1 5000Silver, a category in which the Czech lands have already earned.

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World and Olympic Games in Denmark

In the face of these JJ.OO, Corbera’s pending subject, the Spaniards have an added incentive, as she was unable to reach them in 2016, the most important moment of her career. “I thought about giving up everything. I was saturated mentally and couldn’t keep up with this rhythm. From the club they were very understandingThey helped me and gave me my time.” In that period he decided to change the boat to try his luck with the canoe. “The only similarity between one and the other is physical exhaustion, everything else is different (balance, strength, stability…), But I adapted very well and the results were very satisfactory.

As for the gold that Denmark won last year, Maria considered it “a liberation after not qualifying for Tokyo. It was a demonstration The level I had and that I could achieve great things. It was a very difficult year that ended well.” For this World Cup event, he sees the national team as very strong, analyzes Spain’s successes at the World Cup and Olympic Games, and concludes that “The boats are made of other dough. The level in Spain is growing exponentially year by year And being the discipline that won the most medals in the Olympic Games for the country is a reflection of the work and competition that is increasing day by day.”

Among his main sources of inspiration are two brilliant and famous athletes: Teresa Portela and Rafa Nadal. Speaking of the First Wonders of the World, “He’s an incredible person. She was my reference and now my partner. The more time I shared with her, the more admiration she aroused in me.Finally, the athlete believes that national rowing is having an amazing moment and it will go even further, With our eyes set on the World Cup and Paris 2024.

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