Marcus Cooper Walz, to the K1-500 final at the best time

Marcus Copperwals He will fight for the title K1-500 of the Sprint World Championships in Halifax (Canada), after achieving the best time in the semi-finals on Friday on day three of the competition.

The Spaniard was the first to reach the semi-finals with a time of 1:41.89, followed by German Jacob Thordesen with 0.79 (1:42.68). Portugal’s Fernando Pimenta won the second semi-final (1:42.78) and Australia’s Jan Westhausen (1:42.02) finished third.

With this result, Cooper will pick a new World Cup medal on Saturday to add his eighth, after gold at K2500 in Copenhagen and Racice (Czech Republic) 2017, silver at K4500 at Szeged (Hungary) 2019 and Racece 2017. and Montemor-o-Velho (Portugal) 2018 and K2500 in Milan 2015, as well as bronze at the K1 500 in Moscow 2014.

The 27-year-old rower adds to his record a silver K4500 at the Tokyo Olympics alongside Saúl Craviotto, Carlos Arévalo and Rodrigo Germade, who joined the conquest in the K1 1000 Test in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

In the women’s C2500, Maria Moreno and Maria Pratts ran out of options to enter the final, as they finished fifth in the semi-finals (2:12.24), 4.64 ahead of Canadians Katie Vincent and Sloan McKenzie.

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