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“The depth and speed of fiscal adjustment is greatly appreciated, and the opportunity for monetary policy to start working is greatly appreciated,” Marcel said of investors’ perception of Chile.

Minister of Finance , Mario MarcelIn the United States, she participated in the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, where attention focused on the economic effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the inflationary development of the United States.

In the case of Chile, the Secretary of State stated that a good mix of fiscal and monetary policies has an effect on inflation, What he said was appreciated by analysts and investors.

“The day of our arrival coincided with the release of the latest CPI figure in the US, which moved the markets a lot and overall, the view tends to be Restricting monetary policy in that country should be importantmay exceed what the Federal Reserve had expected,” said the minister, who took part at noon in the plenary (annual general meetings) of the International Monetary Fund.

Similarly, the Secretary of State has taken advantage of this forum to meet with other authorities such as the finance ministers of other Latin American countries, as well as the US Treasury.

“Both the United States and Europe are economies large enough to influence the rest of the world, but the irony is that we are at a point, at least in Latin America, where The economic situation is back to normal after the Covid-19 crisis.”commented.

Chilean economic situation

In the particular case of Chile, the Foreign Minister mentioned that a good mix of fiscal and monetary policies It has an effect on inflation.

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“With the change in the direction of its monetary policy and the speed at which fiscal policy operates, we can say that despite facing a scenario in which external and domestic pressures have combined to increase inflation, Finally, we are witnessing a turning point in inflation that will continue in the coming months until the situation is finally normalized.”pointed out.

He explained that with these tools, Chile will face severe global fluctuations and tightening financial conditions that will affect all countries.

The government’s strategy to focus fiscal consolidation during this year was appropriate. This will prevent Chile from being affected by increases in interest rates that would have affected its financing it was those factors that were particularly evaluated by analysts and investors in our offerings,” he added.

Bilateral with investors

Similarly, the Secretary of State referred to the meetings he has had with private parties since his arrival in Washington yesterday: with investors organized by JPMorgan titled “Chile. Economic Prospects and Reform Agenda; by XP Investment; and a lunch meeting with BBVA.”

“The depth and speed of fiscal adjustment has been greatly appreciated, and the opportunity for monetary policy to start working has been greatly appreciated And of course there are questions regarding upcoming reforms in the future. In particular, the pension reform, which we will be publicly displaying in a few weeks’ time.”

He stressed that the interest of investors is focused on new horizons.

“There continues to be interest in the opportunities that open up for Chile as a result of the global economy’s shift towards greater efforts towards energy efficiency. There is a vision that there are opportunities opening up for Chile that they have not had beforeConsequently, the steps we are taking will continue to be viewed with particular interest.”

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He stated that investors were interested in a wide range of issues being addressed in order, from public policy, to mastering certain areas such as adjustments to tax reform, Amendments to the draft mining royalties, productivity agenda and reforms or initiatives in financial matters promoted by the government.

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