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international Mario Caldente He admitted that the absence due to injury Alexia Potilas at the European Championship in England is a “sensitive loss” because the Golden Ball is the “prop” and “leader” of Spain, but he assured that the rest of the players will do so. It is shown in the tournament that “this team rises” in the face of adversity. “It is true that it is very sad news for everyone, especially for her because she is the one who has to live through these difficult months. We will not hide how important Alexia is to this team, to Spanish women’s football and our club. She is also a leader and a pillar and it is a sensitive loss,” he said at a news conference with Mallorcan Islands. Battery Pebble in Besham Abbey (UK).

In this sense, Mario Caldente explained that she is “unfortunately” the football stuff. “We have a match in two days. We have to make ourselves strong. The other players have to take a step forward, take responsibility and push this forward. We are ready for this tournament. We send all the strength in the world to Alexia and we will try to win for her, she will be one of our captains from The outside. We want to show that this team is rising, believing and going on with everything.” Caldente stressed that Spain have “very multi-skilled” players and that they play more late but “can score a goal” and welcomed it. Amayor SarijiReal Sociedad striker, who has returned to focus to replace Alexia. “We are waiting with open arms for Mayor. We know what he can do for us because he was already with us. I am sure she will be a great addition to the team.”

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Regarding Potellas’ decision to stay in focus with Spain, at least until the first game against Finland on Friday, Caldente stated that his Barcelona teammate could make them “stronger” on the outside. “The team will continue to row for her and Jenny,” he said, referring to Hermoso’s loss. Regarding his role in the group Jorge VildaMariona said that before losing Alexia she would have to “take a step forward” in a team where, according to her, “a mixture of youth and experience” could go on “very well”. “I start in one place or another, my role does not change and it is to try to connect myself with all the players around me. Georgie told me where I need him.

Captain Battery Pebble He also admitted the severe setback caused by Putellas’ serious injury. We won’t deny that yesterday was a very difficult day. It’s a stick because Alexia is essential on and off the field. We’d be pretty close to cheering her up, but she was the first to push us. He was here today and will be here in the first match. “That will make us want more competition,” he said. He recounted how they learned about the Ballon d’Or injury: “It was a difficult moment because she felt something strong. We were waiting in the afternoon and we were very close to her. It is one of the worst injuries in football, but Alexia will come back strong and she is Alexia.”

For Pebble, now It’s time to commit. “We will take all our desire. Our responsibility is to try to exchange all the good that Alexia does for each one, and in my role as captain, more. Yesterday was the day to accept it, but today there are two days left for Finland and we still have three times the desire to start the European Championship,” he affirmed. . Regarding the top European contender, he noted that Finland is a physical team, with “very strong” players, “defend very well” and “take advantage of counter-attacks very well”. “The key is to have the ball, not to stop creating chances and to play a lot on your field,” he explained.

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