Maggie Gyllenhaal and the more complicated side of motherhood

Although he had already tried and tested his acting skills on TV and movies in the UK, it wasn’t until he starred in Favorite s the crown who – which Olivia Colman is recognized all over the world. Talent now confirmed more than once Daughter of Darkness.

Netflix drama starring an interpreter born 47 years ago in Norwich, England, who represents American colleague Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut It turns the pages of a homonymous book by Elena Ferrante into pictures.

In a role alienated from royalty or Detective Miller BroadchurchAnd put it under the skin Lida Caruso, literature teacher At a major American university you decided to take a few Vacation in a corner of the Greek coast.

Daughter of Darkness | Netflix

Where and where do you arrive in a rental car? Greeted by Lyle (Ed Harris), an American who has lived there for several decades and is responsible for looking after the apartment she rented for a few weeks, along with other properties.

But Lida, as she assures those who want to hear it, during her vacation will not completely abandon her work as a teacher, reviewing books and writings by the sea. activity interrupted by Sudden arrival at the beach for a noisy family.

who is from Queens, but every summer she rents the same house in that corner of Greece. When one of its members Callie (Dagmara Domińczyk) asks the teacher to change her chair A moment of tension is createdLida refuses to do so.

The loss you associate with the past

Daughter of Darkness | Netflix

However, that He stays in the past after helping the academic find little Elena (Athena Martin Anderson), the niece of Callie and niece of Nina (Dakota Johnson), the girl who has caught Leda’s attention from the start.

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Mother figure and that loss scene Lead the protagonist to connect with her past, recalling a similar situation he experienced when he lost one of his two daughters during a picnic on the beach and also when he was away from them for several years.

Daughter of Darkness | Netflix

where always Leda’s unexpected response to her surroundings is constant. Like when Elena’s doll was lost and it was discovered she was hiding it, or when one of her daughters asked her years ago to kiss a wound and little Leda (Jesse Buckley) ignored her.

On the other hand, between the present and the past, the film and the book on which it is based intersect Daughter of DarknessWhat is the drawing? Lida’s complex personality and attitude to motherhood, where she suffocates many times as a woman and a professional.

Something the teacher feels is repeated in Nina, who, as the story goes on, was a very young mother and wife, not really knowing what she wanted. in a A closer look at what it means to be a mother, as well as how women are always questioned by their environment.

Where do I know Highlights the directorial talent of newcomer Gyllenhaal, Which was able to give accurate tone of the story – with the exact quotas of the conflict and drama and a sense of guilt – and Coleman’s performanceWhich will definitely be a part of the upcoming Oscar nominations.

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