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After his first season in New York City, Joe Goldberg (Ben Badgley) moves to the heart of Los Angeles with a different identity and searches for a new life after all the events he’s been through.

Within weeks of the season three premiere of “You,” the movie’s hero Joe and his wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti) moved to a posh but cozy area of ​​California called Madre Linda.

As the days go by, more questions arise about the place. Finally, fans of the series who were dazzled by the sunny and quiet place wondered, where is Madre Linda located?

The couple on their new parenting stage decided to look for a place very far from the turbulent city. Although he does not like Joe, he could not oppose the wishes of his wife and family. They ended up living in Northern California, surrounded by famous influencers and businessmen.

Before the huge skepticism of Najib fans, the place Madre Linda does not exist or at least not by that name. Season 3 was not actually filmed in Northern California. To be more precise, the new “Joe” and “Love” take place near where the second season was filmed, in the south of the state.

There is not even a name mentioned in the series. The beautiful place where the third installment of the Netflix series unfolds is in the Bay Area. So take a tour of the south of the state if you want to see amazing homes like the ones in Madre Linda.

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The impressive performance of the leads grabbed the attention of the viewers for about a month in a row. Since its premiere on October 9, the series has been ranked as one of the most watched series on the platform.

The new dynamic of the couple surrounded by many people on the parenting side has attracted Netflix subscribers. Best of all, “You” has been around for a while, as the series has been renewed for a fourth season. Although this time we have no idea where the heroes are heading.

Episode 4 rumors suggest that the pair may appear on a stage outside of the United States, particularly because of the way season three ended. Although it is unknown when it will be released, model Sarah Gamble has revealed some details.

“So the story from here to here, if we could tell it, would be about how the protagonist retrieves something from that or how he finds something else, because if it’s Joe that you meet in the first scene of the pilot, where the bell rings in the library and the girl in jeans comes in, If she had a hole in her heart that she should have filled then, she’s now 17, he commented.

Gamble emphasized that each new protagonist’s obsession would have a different basis so he wouldn’t feel like the plot was being repeated over and over.

“We don’t want to feel like we’re doing the same thing twice,” he revealed. “So for every character that gets into Joe’s circle, we go through a very rigorous process of trying to really think of a completely different person and figure out what we can explore that we haven’t done yet.”

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The controversial closing of Season 3 has left many open edges and a slight lane that could be the start of the new season. For now, it remains only to analyze every second of the last chapter and draw conclusions about it, while the details of the new batch are known.

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