Madonna collects her “teteo” on the streets of Harlem, New York

Madonna threw her tito (street party) in Harlem, a popular New York neighborhood known for its intimate jazz clubs, soul food establishments, and African-American heritage.

The Queen of Pop toured the streets of Harleen to the beat of her edit “Like a Prayer,” a theme that was included on the American singer’s fourth studio album, under the same name, released on March 21, 1989 and described as her proposal. The most introspective record company.

With a loudspeaker in your hand Madonna helped her fans wrap in her impromptu parade, performing verses from “Like a Prayer,” which features a pop sound packed with dance, funk, gospel, and soul.

In the audiovisual John Baptiste, troupe leader for the TV show “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, was seen escorting the singer with another megaphone.

Madonna, 63, visited the New York neighborhood after throwing an intimate concert in the basement of Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster.

+ his documentary

The show at the restaurant club coincides with the release of the documentary “Madame X” about her latest tour.

The documentary film about the famous concerts he gave in Lisbon in early 2020 during his “Madame X” album tour, in which photos of intimate experiences are also filtered.

The documentary, which can be viewed on digital platform Paramount+, captures the intense creative concerts of “Madame X” presented by the singer, specifically those at the Coliseum in the Portuguese capital, an event space away from the big stadiums that has a maximum capacity of 4,000 people.

His aim with this tour, in the purest style of Madonna, was to stir up consciences, try to keep people from falling back into their comfort zone, and even make people uncomfortable.

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“My show’s motto is James Baldwin’s great phrase, that artists are here to disturb the peace,” Madonna explained to EFE.

So far, only a lucky few have been able to witness the Madame X show, in which Madonna merged the past and present, with blasts from the ’80s like “La Isla Bonita” or “Papa Don’t Preach”, examples of her foray into electronic music like “Frozen” , or tracks from his latest album, such as “God Control” or “Batuka”.

Namely, that all the venues chosen by Madonna’s team for that tour were of a very small capacity, added the fact that in many performances the use of mobile phones was expressly prohibited, with the intention of creating a greater connection between the artist and the audience.

To the delight of followers of the person responsible for “Like a Prayer,” the documentary shows the 63-year-old veteran in some of her most personal moments, such as when she had to contend with hip and knee injuries that forced the cancellation of several of their concerts in the US, UK and Portugal.

His son David Banda described the film in an interview with Evie as “real and shameless”. “It’s probably the most honest thing you’ve ever seen,” he noted.

It is no coincidence that Madonna chose to have this documentary mirror her concerts in Lisbon, as it was this city that inspired Madame X, her 14th studio album, released in June 2019, having settled in the Portuguese city. 2017.

A winner of seven Grammy Awards and turned into a musical legend, Madame has starred in these shows from Madame X’s tour in 48 shows with different artists, including singer Lourdes León’s daughter, as well as musicians and dancers from all over the world. and the Patocaderas Orchestra, made entirely of women.

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