Madeleine McCann’s parents were strong after Julia Faustina’s DNA result

Madeleine McCann disappeared nearly 16 years agoon May 3, 2007, while on a family vacation in Portugal. The suffering of the little girl’s parents, who at that moment I was four years oldHe has been following them ever since. A few weeks ago the world lit up in this case a little hope: a young woman, Julia Faustina has given indications that her identity could be The British Girlbut DNA testing ruled out this possibility in the last days. while, Kate and Jerry The final result was: “Nothing to report”.

Julia Faustinaa 21-year-old Polish girl, went viral on social media after her post His theory is that her identity could be that of Madeleine McCann. Endless pictures of him with that little girl who disappeared as a physical comparisons They flooded her Instagram profile, intending to provide evidence that would bolster her hypothesis that she had been cheated since childhood. Also, to justify her age, since Madeline would be 19 today, The young woman claimed that her parents had lied to her and that they had forged documents from his birth.

Archives-. DNA testing determined that Julia Faustina was not related to the McCanns

last monday, DNA test verified that Faustina does not share her genetics with Kate and Jerry McCann. After the young woman insisted, the test showed that Julia was 100% polished, with a small percentage of Lithuanian and Russian ancestry. Madeline’s parents, who had until then decided not to talk about the case, were excited about the situation. “There is nothing to report at this timeA spokesperson for both said, According to the American media New York Post. And he added:If there is, it will come from the Metropolitan Police“.

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DNA test result confirmed by The broker is Fia Johansson, who accompanied Faustina on her theory and who lived with her in the US throughout the process. before judging The young woman decided to return to her family’s home in Poland. Meanwhile, his representative has previously claimed that Another girl could be kidnapped. and that “there is evidence” that “something very serious happened in Julia’s childhood”.

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Julia Faustina warns that she may be another kidnapped girl

For us, as a family, Obviously, Julia is our daughtergranddaughter, sister, cousin and cousin. We have memories, we have pictures“, the parents of the Polish girl noted. They added: “Julia also has these photos, because she took them from the family home with the birth certificate, as well as the discharge from several hospitals.”

Instagram account of iammadeleinemccannwhere Julia shared alleged evidence of their resemblance, He reached over a million followersBut her popularity plummeted after the young woman admitted she had doubts that her identity was the same as that of the little British girl and Now it accumulates less than 67 thousand. Still, a disappearing issue Madeline is back on the agenda After 16 years, authorities in the UK and Portugal continue to investigate his disappearance.


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