Madeleine McCann: They revealed what a missing girl would look like today, according to artificial intelligence

the The disappearance of Madeleine McCann I shocked the world. The case of the British girl began during a family vacation in Portugal in 2007when I was four years old, and led to countless investigations that continue to this day. in the last days, A 21-year-old Polish girl indicated that she thought she was little Maddie And he requested a DNA test, among other things, for his remarkable physical resemblance. Now, some pictures of What would Madeline look like today according to artificial intelligence (AI).

The experiment was carried out using a photo base for young children Madeleine McCann when she was three years old through a Artificial intelligence robotAnd Spanish newspaper vanguard Share photos For what a lost young woman would look like today. As explained by the aforementioned broker, they used AI Stable DeploymentPowerful imaging engine based on machine learning To be more precise, sample the results.

This is what Madeleine McCann would look like todayvanguard

In the text, experts pointed out that the similarities between Julia Wendell and the hypothetical image of Madeline share many similarities. “road Eyes, eyebrows and thick lips Obviously they are in common. also match Hair color and some facial expressionsThey crossed. They added, “Julia has the same spot in her eye that Madeline had, A.J coloboma which only occur in a relatively small number, between 2.4 and 8 in every 100,000 live births.”

Meanwhile, Netflix has released a documentary that brings together the investigations into the case, and in the face of the emergency of a young woman who claims to be the little girl, McCann’s parents were waryIn the 16 years since their daughter’s disappearance, they’ve faced all kinds of theories.

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Julia Wendell Through his Instagram account, under the name iammadeleine cccann (I’m Madeline McCann)”, several photos showing a resemblance to the little Briton. But many wondered if the young woman was the girl who disappeared nearly 16 years ago. Among them: Where has he been all this time? Who was he living with? Why is he in Poland? Meanwhile, users have noticed that Madi is currently She must be 19 years old and the young woman 21 years old.

Amnesty International revealed what the little girl looked like todayvanguard

Meanwhile, Wendell highlighted some of the characteristics they could share on their social network profile, as they accumulated More than a million followers. Among them, sort of A dimple on the left cheek, which they both recognize when they smile and which the account creator has circled in red. In addition, he added a picture of a mole near the girl’s left eye as well.

In this sense, the young Polish woman has also shared a series of photos where she puts her features and gestures into perspective with those of her parents. Madeline Jerry and Kate McCann. And so, sort of was born college, Where he compared Maddy’s father’s ears, nose, and smile.


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