Macri again asked for permission to travel abroad, but asked to keep his destination “reserved.”

It is to prevent “intimacy and privacy” from “indulging”, in the context of the case in which he is being tried for allegedly illegal spying on relatives of ARA San Juan crew members.

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The Defense from the former president Mauricio Macri He asked again today for permission to take a trip abroad On this occasion, he requested it Their fate is “in reserve” To prevent your “intimacy and privacy” from being “submitted”in the frame Wave Which, of course, is being handled Illegal espionage to Relatives Who died in the sinking of the submarine? ARA San Juan.

at Brief presentation of Federal Judge Julian ErcoliniAttorney Pablo Lanos requested permission for Macri to travel abroad from March 25 to April 9according to the script he had access to blame.

The lawyer for the ex-president explained that the details of the trip would be published “in writing and separately” and demanded “that it be given a reserved measure to avoid indulging in it as happened in this case the intimacy and privacy that protects Mr. Mauricio Macri as a logical derivation of the legal process, the defense in court and the case of innocence.”

Given this suggestion, Complaint of family members represented by attorney Valeria Carreras objected to the “reserved action” For being “false” allegedly “protecting their privacy” and for depriving this complaint of due control.”

“For this reason, in the event an in-cause treatment is not requested with access to all parties, we reserve procedures to contest this latter claim, because We fear the risk of the escape of the accused Macri‘ concluded the lawyer.

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The resolution About the type of procedure to be submitted for the request It remained in the hands of Judge Ercolini, who had already allowed Macri to travel to Uruguay and the city of the United States.

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