Lula da Silva announced his new government | days after the acquisition

elected president of brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvaannounced this Thursday to 16 new ministers and ministers, which his cabinet will have a total of 37 portfolios. The most symbolic appointment, according to local media, is that of Sonia Guajara at the helm of the new Campaign Promise campaign. Ministry of Indigenous Peoples.

“Our cabinet” and “Now we have to get down to business” because “the Brazilian people cannot wait any longer” after “the misrule they have experienced in these years.”Lula said during the announcement, referring to the administration of far-right Jair Bolsonaro, who will succeed him in power. Starting January 1st.

Environment and planning, keys in the new administration

Twenty years ago, when Lula first took office, he was an environmentalist Marina Silva will be a minister Environment, which is one of the most abandoned and punished areas during the Bolsonaro government. Although her administration during Lula’s first experience as president did not end well since the then-minister resigned in the face of “a certain resistance” to the environmental agenda, the scale of the devastation promoted by Bolsonaro has led her to support the former unionist once again.

Meanwhile, the The Ministry of Planningone of the arms of the Ministry of Finance for drawing up economic policies, will be responsible for Simon Tebbit, affiliated with the Movement for Brazilian Democracy (MDB, centre-right). Tebet was a presidential candidate ahead of Lula and Bolsonaro in last October’s elections and finished the first round in third place with 4.1% of the vote. In the second round, he finally joined Lula’s campaign.

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Ministry of Indigenous Peoples

The more symbolic appointments formalized Thursday by the president-elect are appointments Sonia GuajaraWho will take over Ministry of Indigenous Peoplesa hitherto non-existent wallet that Lula promised to create during the campaign.

Guajajara is one of the most representative voices of the indigenous movement and his last name is the name of his people, threatened like many others by illegal loggers and miners operating in the Amazon and reinforced with the abandonment that that region suffered during Bolsonaro’s four reigns. years in power.

Never before in the history of this country have we had an Aboriginal minister.”stressed Lula, who asserted that it would be “a new experience” and that the entire government should “work and help”, although he described that Guajajara and “the indigenous people are already ready to solve their problems”.

Other dates

Appointments confirmed by Lula this Thursday include Center and centre-right figures who have joined his campaign against the ultra-conservative movement led by Bolsonaro. These are the parties of the Brazilian Federation, the Social Democratic Party, Simone Tebet’s MDB, which, with their presence in the Cabinet, will give Lula’s government more weight in the new parliament that will take office next February, with a clear conservative majority.

“Many people will not like the cabinet, but I ask them to be as eager to work as I am to rebuild the country,” he said. said the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT), referring to figures associated with the right and especially the Brazilian Union Party, where Bolsonaristas and former judge Sergio Moro, who will be a member of the opposition National Senate.

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One of the most difficult dates in this sense is a date Juscelino FilhoRepresentative of Union Brasil in Strategy Ministry of Transportationas a leader who at the time welcomed Lula’s imprisonment and overvoted the political impeachment that ousted Dilma Rousseff from office in 2016.

Union Brasil is also taking Ministry of Tourismwith the deputy Daniela de Waguinhoa politician from greater Rio de Janeiro and the wife of the mayor of the Belford Roxo party who has cultivated a rapprochement with the poorer evangelical voters that Bolsonaro has embraced.

Other important appointments were from liaison secretaryAnd the Paolo pepperfrom the Labor Party, a name that was resisted by the media, as was the name of the party Carlos LubyPresident of the Democratic Action Party of the defeated candidate Ciro Gomez at the helm Social Welfare.

in strategy Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply Country deputy will take over Carlos Favaro. in a agricultural development (Family Farming), meanwhile, will be led by the historic Labor leader Paulo Teixeirawhile the portfolio Fusion led by the ruler of Amapá, Valdez goes.

Renan Filhothe former governor of Alagoas and son of Senator Renan Calheros, of the MDB, will take over the position Transportations Jader Filhothe brother of the Governor of Para, Helder Barballo, will be in charge of Ministry of Cities. in a sportsLula chose a historic fighter from the Brazilian left, an Olympic medalist in volleyball Anna Moser.

List of new ministers

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