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From the Lula Institute, located in the Ipiranga district, the favorite candidate for the upcoming October elections in Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, he said why he decided to be present at the celebrations of 38 years to restore democracy in Argentina, this Friday, where he will also be Jose “Baby” Mujica. “For me it is a great honor to be able to participate in a work that commemorates the restoration of democracy after the dictatorship. In addition to participating in the event and meeting the trade unionists, it is a gesture of gratitude to Alberto Fernandez for his solidarity while I was a prisoner in Brazil” the page.

The words of the former president who will win in all scenarios of the second round of his main competitor, Jair BolsonaroAccording to a recent survey by consulting firm Quaest, they expect the busy schedule that will be in Buenos Aires. It will include a Friday morning meeting with President Fernandez in Casa Rosada. Later, he will receive the Azucena Villaflor Award from human rights organizations at the Bicentennial Museum. The founder of the Workers’ Party (PT) and former mineralogist, together with ex-president Mujica, will hold a meeting on Saturday with the leaders of the General Confederation of Workers (CGT) and Central de Trabajadores Argentinos (CTA).

Lola Institute

From the house of his daily meetings with politicians, businessmen and academics, the historic leader of the Brazilian left signed with Victor Santa Maria, President of the Grupo Octubre, a cooperation agreement between the Lula Institute, the October Foundation and UMET, with the aim of promoting the progressive agenda of the region. Members of the delegation included the National Deputy of the Front de Todos, Gisela Marziota, Pablo Gentile, Coordinator of the Center for Studies and Training of the Puebla Group, “Marco Aurelio Garcia”, and Nicolas Trotta, former Minister of Education.

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At the Lula Institute you can see photos of different moments in Lula’s career: one in black and white, wrapped by his followers; Another photo with his late wife Marisa Leticia and Vice President José Alencar, on the day he took first term, January 1, 2003. Offices, living rooms, and travel-character decor. People are cruising around the aisles. In one of the living rooms was Nelson Barbosa, the former finance minister of Dilma Rousseff. He said that the former president holds regular meetings to discuss the economy. However, Lula’s candidacy is in the process of being built, facing October next year. He is talking with former São Paulo governor Geraldo Alcumen, of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB) about the possibility of forming an alliance.

The results of the survey conducted by consulting firm Quaest, corresponding to the first week of December, were announced on Wednesday. Lula ranks first in all of the first-round scenarios, but none of them achieve the 50 percent mark needed to avoid the ballot. The Labor leader’s nomination rate is between 46 and 48 percent depending on the other candidates. In one scenario involving Lula, Bolsonaro and former judge Sergio Moro, the former president would receive 47 percent, the far-right president 24 percent and 11 points for the former judge in the Lava Jato case who became “independent.” candidate.

Cases against Lula fell one by one. The leftist leader was imprisoned for 580 days in Curitiba over a corruption case Moroha tried and was rescinded for fraud and lawlessness. When the former Labor chief gave his first press conference last March after the proceedings and convictions were overturned by the Federal Supreme Court, President Fernandez thanked him for his support at a crucial moment such as the 2019 election campaign. For political purposes against the union leader.

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But Paulo Okamoto, president of the Lula Institute, assured this newspaper that the place had been persecuted, in line with the judicial assault on the former president. “We are recovering. The economic consequences were strong, it was a difficult period, when they accused the Lula Institute of not being a non-profit organization,” said Okamoto, a friend of the incumbent presidential candidate since the days of the Minerals Union.

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