Luisito Communicates: YouTuber insults staff for losing his luggage (video)

And it goes on and on. Luisito . communicates He continues to be the center of the limelight, and now he’s doing so with a new controversy, with a YouTuber now launching himself against airline employees for losing his luggage.

“It’s cold and we only bring this”

Via Instagram, Luisito lamented that the airline had not put obstacles in his way to boarding the plane due to his “arrive a bit late”. Finally, he said, yes, they were allowed to go up.

After several complaints on his social networks about flight delays, Luisito Comunica has arrived at his destination, but with news that his bags have been lost.

“Well, with the news that imbe*** from the airline lost our luggage and it’s two in the morning,” he said. “It’s cold and we’re just attending this. Moral: Don’t trust the airlines, nobody It is good to report. Let’s see if it helps. Fortunately, my mom did not document. We got lucky.”

In addition to the controversies raised by the YouTuber on his social networks, Lusito recently shows the film “Sonic 2‘, which gives the sound of a blue hedgehog.

In its first weekend of release alone, “Sonic” grossed over $71 million in the United States and Canada, making it the biggest opening for a video game-inspired movie.

“It’s a great show”Especially for a movie sequel based on a video game, said David A. Gross of Franchise Entertainment Research.

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