Loreto: Peru and the United Kingdom strengthen actions for the sustainable use of aguaje | News

A one-hour journey by road and then another hour and a half across the river leads to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, starting in Iquitos in Loreto. In the midst of this immensity of the Amazon lands are the indigenous communities “January 20” and “Buenos Aires”, which have developed an innovative ecological and economic experiment with the sustainable use of the aguaje plant (Mauritius flexosa), a native plant species from that region of the country.

Through participatory management, through the direct participation of More than 727 families, a conservation status of 93.66% of this Amazonian fruit was achieved. That is, its use is an important productive activity that generates economic income for the population residing along it Cuenca Yanayaku Bucati, where the above populations were found.

In order to know the effect UK Climate Research and Funding Programs in PeruThe Minister of Environment, Robin Ramirez, accompanied by Lord Zach Goldsmith, Secretary of State for the Pacific and Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the aforementioned European country, visited these communities. Also with them was Ambassador Kate Harrison.

UK supports projects “The forest-preserving super fruit”, with resources from UK International Climate Finance; And New approaches to understanding the state of biodiversity and supporting livelihoods: distribution and levels of Aguaje degradation in the Amazon region.funded by Fondue Newton – Bullitt.

During this activity, which took place last October 3, the head of the Ministry of Environment confirmed that our brothers in the Amazon region are the operators of this sustainable project with aguaje which is subsequently sold to private companies, which in turn are marketed. As juices in local markets. There is a strong alliance between the state, private companies and societies. He stressed that we must strengthen this strategic alliance not only in the Amazon region, but also across the country as a sustainable and harmonious way of working with caring for the planet.

He also mentioned the visit of businessmen from the UK, for their contributions with financial resources and technology. “This makes our products grow stronger and reach the national and international markets,” he said.

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conservation communities

After welcoming the visiting delegation, President of the “20 de Enero” community, Carmelo Gama; Modesto Zamora, president of the Association for the Conservation of Natural Resources (Acorena), explained the history of change that preserves biodiversity, as well as the sustainable process of avoiding deforestation. Meanwhile, IIAP’s Director of Forestry and Climate Change, Denis del Castillo, declared the importance of the Aguaje and peatland ecosystem, in terms of rural development and climate mitigation.

In the Buenos Aires community, the producers demonstrated the process of drying and quality control of the agawa fruits. Here, resource management is developed by organized members of management groups.

The National Service of State Protected Natural Areas (Sernanp), an entity associated with Minam State, promotes these initiatives through commercial expression and sustainable use of natural resources, as a strategy for managing and conserving biodiversity and its ecosystem, since they have management plans and exploitation contracts for the benefit of dozens local families.

Pacaya Samiriya National Reserve was officially established by Supreme Decree No. 016-82-AG on an area of ​​2,080,000 hectares. It is located in the provinces of Loreto, Requena, Ucayali and Alto Amazonas in the province of Loreto. It is a representative area of ​​a humid tropical forest.

It has a high biodiversity value due to the presence of huge stretches of forest where aguaje predominates, whose forests are known locally as aguajales, and where there are also species such as taricaya (Podocnemis unifilis), charapa (P. expansa) or paish (Arapaima gigas).


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