López Obrador has criticized the sending of buses carrying migrants to Kamala Harris’ home The President of Mexico stressed that this is a “very inhumane situation.”

president of mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorThis Tuesday was described as “Inhumane” Sent by the Texas government on Christmas Eve Three groups with immigrants to me official residence Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. in the middle the arrival of large numbers of immigrants On American soil, Lopez Obrador promised to insist on his return Joe Biden In solidifying a comprehensive plan for migration, during the North American Leaders Summit to be held in Mexico next January.

“Inhumane and anti-Christian”

“It’s a very inhumane situation because we’re talking about a time of low temperatures, so Because of their xenophobia, xenophobia, and because of their political interests, they dare to use the pain, the need of peopleLópez Obrador said during his morning press conference from the National Palace.How in the middle of the night, with all the cold, do they leave the immigrants? I celebrate what the associations are doing because they are already aware of the kind of baseness of these conservative and corrupt politicians,” the president added.

The night of December 24, near Christmas, three groups with Immigrants hired by the Republican government to Texas They arrive in Washington, one in front of the official residence of the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has sent dozens of buses with immigrants to Democratic-run states since April as a way of protesting Biden’s immigration policy, The gesture was widely criticized by human rights organizations.

López Obrador this Tuesday also criticized the measure, particularly due to weather conditions in the United States where he was living. The coldest birthday in 40 years. “This man may even have gone to the temple or read the Bible, but he is actually very inhumane and anti-Christian, because that didn’t happen,” the president said regarding the governor of Texas.

People who got off the buses after 36 hours of travel soon attended social organizations that have been helping these migrants for months with clothes, food and shelter. Some arrived in Washington wearing only T-shirts in the midst of a winter storm.

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“Governor Abbott abandoned the children on the side of the road in sub-zero temperatures on Christmas Eve without coordinating with any federal or local authorities,” he said. Abdullah HassanA White House spokesman who described the decision as “Cruel, dangerous and shameful hoax”.

Request to Biden

Lopez Obrador said, in another section of his conference this Tuesday, that during the tripartite summit next January, where Biden will visit Mexico, he will take the opportunity to rethink a plan to implement programs in Central American countries to confront migration that affects the North. from the continent. “We propose that there be a program of support for the poorest countries, the most in need so that people do not have to migrate.”and pointed about it.

The leftist leader also emphasized that the social programs he has implemented in Central American countries, such as the “Semprando Vida” reforestation program and the “Young People Build the Future” employment programme, are achieving good results. “We have often insisted that the causes that led to migration must be addressed, something that is given not by choice but by necessity. However, There was not much will in this regard on the part of governments“More work is needed to give people options so they don’t have to migrate,” he said.

Describing both President Biden and Vice President Harris, López Obrador said, “Our proposal is a plan for the development of all of Latin America and the Caribbean, something that has not been done since President Kennedy.” A good plan “to confront the phenomenon of emigration, giving an example of the temporary work visas granted to Venezuelan emigrants, a fact that has reduced the flow of emigration from that country.

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Express expulsion

last week, Several states in the United States that are governed by conservatives, including Texas, managed in court to delay lifting Title 42a federal health policy that allows for the rapid deportation of people who cross the border irregularly without being able to claim asylum.

This regulation is implemented by management Donald Trump (2017-2021), which was also used by the Biden government, was to stop its use on December 22 by a court order, but the Supreme Court froze the decision. In the government’s response, the Attorney General said Elizabeth Introduction wrote that Prosecutors in countries that have taken the case to the Supreme Court “are not claiming any interest in public health or stopping the spread of COVID-19.”.

Instead, Prilogar continues, “they openly acknowledge that they want to use the Title 42 orders as a temporary measure to control immigration.” The Attorney General insisted that the government recognizes that ending Title 42 “will likely lead to insecurity and a temporary increase in illegal crossings.”

But Prilogar also warned that “the solution to the immigration problem cannot be to extend a health measure indefinitely that everyone now realizes has outgrown its public health rationale.” In short, the executive branch finds that it cannot keep the regulations in force, which it based on an opinion from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that is no longer in force, and is thus arguing for an appeal of the “immigration law of the system set forth in Congress.”

Prilogar specified that the government’s intention is to continue implementing a Title 8 expulsion system, which allows immigrants to claim asylum at ports of entry and gives executive power to deport and even impose penalties on those who do not meet the requirements. considered unacceptable.

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2.5 million packages

Over the past days, thousands of people have crossed the border with Mexico, many of them concentrated in El Paso, Texas., as they have to sleep outdoors despite the low temperatures. Nearly 22,000 migrants are waiting for a decision to allow them to cross without the risk of immediate deportation.

Desperate at the prospect of remaining in Mexico indefinitely, where they face extortion and threats from the cartels, several migrants decide to risk crossing the border undetected by border authorities.

Since its entry into force in 2020, Title 42 has allowed nearly 2.5 million transfers at the borderAccording to data from the International Rescue Committee. On the other hand, unfortunately, they cannot find a way out either. The mass arrival of immigrants to the border city of El Paso is as discriminatory as the very fact of being caught there Shelters that do not accept people who have crossed into the United States illegally.

in the past weeks, The Texas National Guard has installed more than two miles of fencing in El Paso. However, fencing does not appear to be an effective strategy for controlling migration. The Border Patrol records an average of 1,500 arrests per dayWithout counting the hundreds who entered without being monitored by the security services.

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