López Armengol participated in the meeting with 15 Deans and the Science and Technology Authority of the Province of Buenos Aires

The National University of La Plata (UNLP), together with science and technology leaders in the region, has co-presented the 2022/2023 activities and calls agenda of the Scientific Research Commission of the Province of Buenos Aires (CIC).

It stated on its website that the President of the Martin López Armingol Studies House, “was part of the meeting with the presidents of 15 academies that have seats in Buenos Aires” and that “the meeting was chaired by the Minister of Production and Science and the Province of Technological Innovation, Augusto Costa and CIC President, Alejandro Villar.”

Also in attendance were the Under Secretary for University Policies at the Ministry of Education, Daniel Lopez, the Provincial Undersecretary for Science, Technology and Innovation, Federico Aguero, and members of the Board of Directors of the Ministry of Higher Education, Nora Guren and Diana Suarez,” they detailed.

Via Costa: “Through Citizenship and Immigration Canada, we have a science and technology policy that is developing our province, which has the tools, financing, formulation and above all a profession to work.”

In addition, he highlighted the Commission’s initiative to open board meetings on the territory “to have a direct link with the references of the various universities.”

For his part, CIC President Alejandro Villar explained to the representatives of the universities the scientific-technological presentation of the organization and the various calls in place and those that are being prepared for the second half of the year.

He commented, “We want a more flexible connection to the scientific and technological system based on the tools that CIC has; we are focusing on some of the issues that are part of the county administration’s agenda to support regional development.”

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Before the end of the meeting, CIC Board members, Nora Gorin and Diana Suarez, presented the project “Production of Scientific Knowledge. Gender Mainstreaming on the Agenda”.

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