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These factors have been proven to ensure longevity, support for age-related diseases, in line with your genetic background and lifestyle

Thursday 19.08.21

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A more active lifestyle and away from stress-induced situations has long been associated with longevity, however, a recent study by the University of Bologna in Italy suggests that there are people who have lived a very long time thanks to Genetics.

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This study was conducted on three groups of people aged 68 years, 105 years and 110 years, and were able to identify several common genes directly associated with extreme longevity, indicating the presence and activity of General STK17A, related to the rapid coordination of the cellular response to DNA damage.

Similarly, it was revealed that besides these DNA repair mechanisms, these subjects had a much lower load than normal mutations in 6 of the seven genes analyzed, thus preventing the onset of risky conditions such as heart disease. These factors have proven to be a guarantee of achieving longevity, They carry age-related diseases, in proportion to their genetic background and lifestyle, at a fairly advanced age.

Although having a distinct genetics has advantages, prolonged exposure to a stressful environment and a harmful lifestyle has irreversible consequences. For this reason, many people choose to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities in their retirement years, and even earlier, to enjoy the quiet walks and pace of life more typical of small towns associated with nature.

Studies show Being in contact for a few hours in these natural environments, reduces stress levels, improves the immune system, our neurological capacity and all the physiological functions of humans, because they are adapted to these environments and not to the artificial conditions we have created.

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An active and balanced life is a guarantee of good health, always combined with a balanced diet. My very favorite diet is Mediterranean diet Rich in fruits and vegetables, rich in lean proteins and sources of monounsaturated fats such as Camel and olive oil They prevent the appearance of diseases associated with being overweight, and achieve optimal results for the elderly, as well as for adults over 20 years old.

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Physical activity is necessary to maintain and strengthen our bodies, but without obsessing over them. Likewise, it is important to make space in the daily routine to enjoy leisure activities such as walking, having fun in the fresh air, enjoying a good movie or series and even enjoying different board games, card games, video games or slot machines, among others games that we can find on digital platforms such as win play. Many of these activities can be carried out by using our mobile phone connected to the internet to download applications intended for these purposes, thus making it easier for us to entertain and distract ourselves for a while.

No matter how long our life expectancy is, so that we can fully enjoy it Good Gratitude, the application of these and other indicators more suitable for our person, will give us the satisfaction of living each day to the full.

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