LoL – Renata Glasc: Riot The first preview of the new hero appears on a mysterious website

Riot Games promised that the champion League of Legends She did not wait, and seemed ready to ratify her words with deeds. After placing different leaks Renata As the 159th hero, the developer has done the first preview of the new character to confirm it. He did it with a new and mysterious webpage that he tells us about Glass Industries, a fictional company led by the new heroine coming to Summoner’s Rift.

Renata: a hero between two opposing worlds

In addition to the shy achievements of Riot Games, which they have confirmed that they will be A sorceress played in support mode with somewhat darker characteristics Of the traditional characters in this position, there wasn’t much to keep. However, it appears that the details have been finalized with the release of this advance in web form. It influences the idea of ​​the protagonist as a person dedicated to both the Zoon’s popular classes and their alchemical barons and coexistence with the Beltover people.

One of the few clues about Renata Glask

Perhaps you are really concerned about her people or with a profitable goal in mind, everything about the heroine seems to invite one to think of A combination of skills capable of inflicting damage on enemies and protecting allies. Texts posted on the web talk a lot about “Self-defense solutions and improved limb technique“,”Medicinal Chemistry“Yes”Chemical technical solutionsWords that were sure not chosen lightly and will become apparent when his skill set is revealed in the future.

Unfortunately These are all the details known so far about Renata Glaske. However, Riot Games usually does not leave much time for players to create their own theories and it is very likely that his appearance or skill set will be revealed over the next few days. The same thing happened with newcomer Zeri, who told her story just hours before she officially pitched a video to prepare for her arrival in League of Legends.

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Then you can check out Glasc Industries’ complete website.

The next patch of League of Legends will arrive with a bunch of item changes, among which is a particularly annoying one that can breathe new life into much-needed heroes.

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