Logistics and technical challenges and business opportunities for the UK at the second IN-FEDA in Al-Basit

On Friday, May 6 at 10:00 a.m. Exporters have a new FEDA call (c/de los Empresarios, 6). The Second Dynamic Breakfast for the In FEDA 2022 Program: “United Kingdom: Logistics, Technical Challenges and Business Opportunities”.

This dynamic and technical breakfast will focus on relevant aspects of the current UK panorama. Margarita Enriquez will moderate the session, addressing important issues in this context such as: negotiation strategies, business opportunities, and key business partners. And Brexit in logistics operations (current situation, main factors affecting logistics operations, current and contracting transport services, operational and documentary operations, alternatives to the current situation.

Three intensive hours that will provide essential insight into understanding the new situation with the UK and being able to work in it, as professionals, entrepreneurs and self-employed people share experiences and queries on the subject.

This technical breakfast has the support of important institutions at the European level such as the Enterprise Europe network, and at the regional level such as IPEX and CECAM, the traditional cooperation of the Bank, together with the Technical Directorate of the Union of Simple Importers and Exporters, ADEX.

Seminar scope: The United Kingdom is already a third country. Many things have changed on a technical and organizational level, but this remains a strategic business partner of Spain. Aspects that go beyond what is stipulated in the Brexit agreements will be addressed, to focus on the relevant logistical and negotiating criteria for companies in Castilla-Mancha, and to analyze the current situation in detail, taking into account, in addition, the expectations of the trade mission to the UK in half The second of 2022, with the participation of FEDA through the IPEX and CECAM agreement.

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managed: To the employees of the exporting companies in the region, as well as any specialist who has a direct relationship with logistics, as now more than ever logistics is one of the drivers of revitalizing the economy.

Margarita Enriquez is an independent consultant and teacher in Logistics and International Transport, since 2009, for public universities (Faculty of Economics in Albacete, Carlos III in Madrid and School of Industrial Engineering in Vigo), official organizations (ICEX), and various Chambers of Commerce (Valladolid, Ciudad). Real, Toledo, etc.), business organizations such as FEDA.

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