‘Lockout’: The 2015 action movie directed by John Carpenter reached #1 on Netflix

In recent days, the 2012 French film insurance It unexpectedly rose to the top of the UK Netflix ratings.

insurance It stars Jay Pearce as a deceptive CIA agent sent to rescue the president’s daughter, Emily (Maggie Grace), from a space prison that has been taken over by violent colleagues.

The English film has surpassed films such as jokerAnd sonic the hedgehog The 2022 Netflix Original Adam’s Project To put itself first in the service ratings flow.

On social media, viewers have compared the movie to Escape from New YorkJohn Carpenter’s 1981 classic action movie starring Kurt Russell.

Both films focus on a skilled and cynical mercenary who is forced to save a main character, the boss in Escape from New YorkThe chief’s daughter in insurancefrom an area invaded by criminals and against the clock.

However, it’s not just contemporary fans who have made the comparison. In 2015, Carpenter successfully sued the creators of insurance for plagiarism and finally forced them to pay compensation of 450,000 euros ($475).

While the movie proved to be a huge hit on Netflix, reactions to insurance in social networks.

Jay Pearce in “Lockout”

(Europe Company/Copal/Shutterstock)

they added insurance to Netflix! I’m going to see her again. If you like the best kind of live action movie, watch it.”

Another wrote: “#Lockout onNetflix didn’t bother steaming at misogyny.”

“watching the movie insurance on #Netflix. Someone else wrote, this is the worst movie ever made. Horrible CGI/Graphics, terrible acting, poor script, ridiculously inaccurate science, terrible plot. I mean it’s too bad. It has been ranked number one in films in the UK so far. I’ve literally never seen anything that bad.”

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insurance It’s on Netflix now.

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