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He imagines going to a restaurant where dishes cost $10 and up and they make him wait over 30 minutes. There are six friends next to you and they only bring dishes for two, the rest will have to watch. Also, they serve you wine in a glass with a crack in it and it takes time to change it and they don’t even make up for the drink you can’t drink, and worse, they bring you food not cutlery. Unfortunately, the situation was real, and there are still some restaurateurs who do not understand that the good taste of a dish is not enough to entice the customer. Excellent service is just as important. A person with poor attendance tells three or more of his gastronomic disappointment because he lived in the “X” place and was losing customers. This was explained to Diario EXPRESO by a group of expert consultants.

The Pearl of the Pacific, a bridge between Madrid and Ecuador

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Unlike bad experiencesSome international and local franchises have brought restaurant service experts to the city, and others have gone on to specialize in the United States. They recommend knowing what culture is in each city and tips for providing a good service. “For example, people from Guayaquil don’t like to wait long, so, in the case of our restaurant, the goal is for the food to be served in 12 minutes, for the kids in 8 minutes. Gabriel Coelho, Operations Manager for Red Lobster, a Guayaquil native who went to The United States to specialize in service and now operates in the main port, for EXPRESO in other countries, the waiting time is between 15 to 20 minutes.

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Coelho’s vision is similar to that of Carla Torres, a professional service coach at the Olive Garden restaurant, whom the chain brought over from Canada to mentor the staff now working at the location, which opened weeks ago in the Eldorado shopping mall. Each country has its own culture. I’ve trained people in Asia and Latin America but it’s different. Even in Saudi Arabia, to serve the customer, more protocols need to be applied. Here we Latinos are warmer. But the basis will always be friendly, for a quick solution, to make a person feel the same when an important guest is invited to our house, he explained, while the photographer immortalized the medals he received around the neck of his costume and this indicates his superiority and the countries in which he instructed the waiters. Lucia is over eleven.

In the group of coaches interviewed by this newspaper are Emiko Morio and Andrea Muirragui from Guayaquil, who both work for the same international Olive Garden franchise. They won their first medalsFollow in Torres’ footsteps.

However, the largest reference the state has in service is carolina sanchez, The only Ecuadorian to win a Michelin star in Spain With his restaurant, Ikaro, he brought the service several times to Quito and opened his first restaurant in Ecuador, Kriollo. Sanchez commented that progress has been made here, but there is still a lot to learn. “In high-class restaurants you see more careful service. But in the most informal of cases, they don’t give it importance. There is no service-focused school of hospitality,” he noted.

All experts agree that Ecuador has improved in careBut it is still missing and is confirmed by a study by the National Federation of Regional Chambers of Tourism, conducted before the pandemic, which points to a lack of service in the country. Therefore, in the coming weeks they will launch a training program, and it will be an application that will allow you to choose from more than 200 virtual courses. “The app is conexionturismo.com and will have a nominal cost per month of $8,” said Raul Ernst, member of the consortium.

But the solution is not just the study, from the government A policy that improves service should be promoted in all tourism-related businessesEspecially in restaurants, said Alexandra Martello, director of the Culinary School of the Americas.

Every city, every country is different. Guayaquileños don’t like to wait more than 12 minutes for food to reach their table. Through training it is achieved.

Gabriel Coelho, Red Lobster COO

Restaurant 2 Himesf (10545715)

Dos Hemisferios brings the vineyard experience to town

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Hammer emphasized that Peru is the epitome of service, not only for its internationally recognized recipes. The proposal is for the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador to certify businesses that are distinguished in quality and service.

Experts noted that it is necessary to act quickly and take advantage of this fact Taste Atlas put onions and frying in the international ranking, Because gastronomy and good service make more people want to visit a destination.

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in Ecuador in 2022 Tourism related industries sold over $5,403 millionThe increase compared to 2021 was 32.8%, and experts believe that this amount could be greater if the service is improved.

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