Lluis Quílez will direct The Jump, his third feature film after the success of Bajocero on Netflix

Louis Coeles will be directing his third feature film, The Jump, After the success of “Bajocero”, it finally released on Netflix, ranking first in more than 40 countries such as the USA, Italy, France, Germany, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Nigeria and Spain, with more than 46 million homes arriving. The movie was due to be premiered in cinemas by DeAPlaneta but the pandemic caused officials to alter their initial plans and opt for a catwalk premiere.

“The Leap” is a production of Cine365 Films, Who is currently filming The House Of the Cacti. With a text signed by Flora González Villanueva (‘The Cable Girls’), based on a script that won the 2015 Julio Alejandro Prize, the story reflects the situation in which sub-Saharan migrants, both of whom hope to enter the gates of Europe, like those who have managed Already from entering and suffering in their bodies from the consequences of a racist, inhuman and ineffective immigration policy. Leap is also supported by RTVE.

Louis Coeles
Louis Coeles

“The Leap” is a social suspense movie that narrates the adventures of a group of characters whose experiences revolve around the border fence between Morocco and Spain. It delves into classic topics such as the struggle for survival, the search for a new home, or the defense of universal human rights. It’s a social drama told with heavy doses of suspense and action. The Catalan director, ESCAC graduate, explains that it is about a realistic tone and close to an epic achievement by a group of characters united by one goal: jumping on the fence of Melilla.

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Quílez has enjoyed an impressive career as a short film director with titles such as “The Next”, with 17 international awards, “Avatar” and “Yanindara”, with 96 awards around the world, including Méliès d’Argent for “Avatar”; Another highlight is Gravity, which has won 47 international awards, among them the Méliès d’Argent that led to the shortlisted for Oscars. His jump to the feature film spoke to the premiere in 2015, at the Tribeca Film Festival, for “From the Darkness”. This year, his second feature film, “Bajocero”, appeared on Netflix. The Jump will now be his next movie.


Moussa came to Spain years ago from Mali, but he feels his roots are now in Madrid, where he lives with his family and works as a chef. One day, the police arrested him and Musa, who did not have a residence permit, was deported to his country of origin. From that moment on, his only goal would be to return to Spain to reunite with his wife and daughter. Months later, Musa managed to cross Africa and settle in a migrant camp on Mount Gorogo, near the border separating Africa from Europe.

There he meets Aminata, a fourteen-year-old girl determined to jump over the fence to reach Spain and meet her father again. From the very first moment Musa becomes Aminata’s “mentor” and together they will try to survive in hostile borders where human rights are not respected while they wait for the next leap to take place. Fence jumping is a physical act not available to everyone. Not many of them succeed. Others die trying. No woman has succeeded so far.


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