Llodio hosts an electric car race made by kids from 9 to 11 years old

10 schools in Alava and Bizkaia will participate in Laudio Grand Prix On April 3, electric cars. Green Energy International Circuit Test. Boys and girls ages 9-11 create their own team and vehicles to compete.

In these races, boys and girls design and build their own electric car for them to participate in. cousin The number of turns that vehicles can make to a predetermined route. They have an identical set of electric motors and batteries for everyone.

Schoolchildren work well outside school hours or as a subject during school hours. They take care of the whole process of designing the bodywork, assembly, hiring of advertisers or even other mechanical aspects that improve their performance. Whoever travels more than kilometers without running out of battery charge wins. It is not the fastest who wins, but the one who drives in an energy-efficient and sustainable way.

The UK is the birthplace of the Green Power Project

The event is organized by the Greenpower Educacion Trust, sponsored by Bridgestone and with institutional support from City and County Council. It is an institution that originated in the United Kingdom at the end of the 1990s, with the goal that children from the age of 9 learn and apply technical, leadership and teamwork skills, with the challenge of designing and building it. The electric car you win the race.

Paul Riley, Vice President of Greenpower Iberia explains, “Students should look for sponsorships and resources, with which they also work on communication and sales skills. They even draw up a business plan.”

In 1999 they organized their first competitions with local teams in Goodwood and Silverstone, and since then they have been joined by teams from all over the world and events in countries such as the United States, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Poland. This year, the project is reaching its 22nd edition with around 60 races each year. The project was born with the ambition to turn the enthusiasm that motorsports spark into inspiring young people to develop their skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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Currently, more than 11,000 students in the educational stages from primary education to university participate in its activities. To do this, three categories of competition are distinguished by age: Formula Goblin (9-11 years old), Formula 24 (11-16 years old) and Formula 24+ (16-25 years old). In addition, Greenpower Iberia is part of an international network (held in countries such as the USA, India,
Malaysia, Poland, Brazil or Singapore, among others) has over 2,300 teams with 60 regional, national and international races.

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