“Little Miss Sunshine”, the best indie comedy of the 21st century

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    The only downside Pequeña Miss Sunshine As an independent film, it’s actually his greatest virtue: it’s not unusual for an independent film to end well. It’s a movie that makes you feel good even though it wants to show you what the world really is: we don’t always win, but that doesn’t have to be a mistake if we’re not alone in the world and there are people who love us. The indie rom-com subgenre usually ends well (even if it doesn’t, as is the case Second chance), but drama and comedy, which don’t fall into the rom-com category, don’t. because Pequeña Miss Sunshine It ends well, although, in theory, everything goes wrong: Richard’s character, Greg Kinnear, ends up understanding how wrong he is in his view of the world (there is a headless chicken dance on stage, with his daughter, but also The way he must nod when the policeman in the security office in Redondo Suites talks to them) after his career as a businessman hasn’t taken off; Dwayne, Paul Dano’s character, also learns to accept himself as he is because if life gives you lemons, you have to make yourself a mojito lemonade, even though he has to give up his dream (sorry, spoiler) to become an airline pilot and Frank (Steve Carell) That there is so much more to literary academy and love betrayal: There is such a thing as family and it can be powerful enough to help you fight depression. Because you also agree that being banned from Olive (Abigail Breslin) in any California kids beauty pageant is a victory, right?

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    The indie is, of course, debatable, I know you: in the end, the movie cost nearly $9 million, which isn’t exactly a little, nor cheap, but it’s not $200 million. Black Widow. What is undeniable is that he experienced the rigors of an independent film: Read, a film with a script he liked, but did not see the foreign box office potential of the topic it was about (the focus was on the third regional Miss Children of America contest), which was for a while with Studio is in an eternal pre-production process trying to turn it into something that it wasn’t, it didn’t have the stars of those driving audiences to theaters and it wasn’t until it premiered at Sundance that studios started fighting each other to get it distributed.

    Alan Arkin is the god of interpretation, but ask your dad if he knows Arkin (which I like to do, but I don’t think so). Greg Kinnear came from Impossible bestBut he has not yet reached fame. Steve Carell has been working on it: He’d benefit from Virgin’s success at the age of 40 just as much as Pequeña Miss Sunshine Arrived at Sundance. Toni Collette has done wonders like Morel’s wedding s big boy Featured in The Sixth SenseBut it wasn’t Toni Collette hereditary. Not to mention that Olive’s role was a leap of faith. It was necessary to find the perfect actress. Which turned out to be Abigail Breslin.

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    Wrong what Pequeña Miss Sunshine Seeing the Light is the commitment of independent producers Ron Yerksa and Albert Berger (responsible among other films, from election, starring Matthew Broderick) whom Michael Arndt approached with his film script (obviously the number one culprit, but it wasn’t up to him in the emergence of his story) in 2001. Arndt, who worked as Matthew Broderick’s personal assistant, but had no Experience in screenwriting (other than reading all the crap his actor was sending Broderick), first trying to use his (few) independent industrial connections to relay the script (indeed, before approaching the producers, he sought help from energetic screenwriters to give him feedback) and thus increase strength in Big studios.

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    It was clear that an unknown writer was not to be heard. Yerksa and Berger, yes, the problem is that no studio wanted to produce the film. Everyone loved it, but they didn’t see the box office potential outside of American theaters…if it worked at all. Along the way, they managed to convince producer Marc Turtletaub to invest in the project, and above all, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris also got into the yellow truck. Dayton and Faris were directors of commercials and music videos, and they waited years for a good script to produce a feature film. When they read Arendt’s text they did not hesitate.

    The truth is, Yerxa and Berger were able to make a name for Focus Features, which at the time was called USA Films, but there was a small problem: their parent company was in the middle of a business merger. USA Films disappeared and Focus was born, with new CEOs and new interests. There they lost two years in an eternal process before production.

    On the one hand there was a problem with the selection of actors. The studio wanted famous actors. Other Cast Considered By: Laura Linney (I know what you’re thinking, but when they were spinning this Linney just chained up really loveAnd the mysterious riverAnd the David Gill’s life s Kinsey) and was about to play Cheryl; Alec Baldwin, Robin Williams and Richard. and Bill Murray, Frank. With any of them it would have been a completely different movie.

    Then the studio wanted it to be very cheap and they wanted to shoot in Canada. The problem is that Dayton and Faris spent months in the Miss West Coast pageant circuit, earning the trust of the young contestants and their parents, who wanted to be extra in the movie. They couldn’t bring all of these people to Canada. And so on until the focus lost interest.

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    At that moment, Turtletaub gave a (token) hit to the table and put an extra $400,000 on the table. And so the film ended shooting and arrived at Sundance just in time: Virgo in 40 It was a bombshell and Steve Carell’s career just went from 0 to 100 in a movie. That’s when the big studios started bidding on the film: 20th Century Fox, Miramax, Paramount… and Fox, with its new CEOs, still believes it has no potential outside of the United States. Miramax struggled hard in negotiations: I saw another lost in translation in this movie. In the end, Fox Searchlight took it and paid out $10.5 million plus 10% of the film’s gross proceeds. Pequeña Miss Sunshine It managed to enter $101 million, 59 million in the United States, and 41 million overseas. Focus seems to be wrong from start to finish.

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