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HUEJUTLA, Hgo. – Within the facilities occupied by the Benito Juárez Public Library in the Santa Irene neighborhood, the official inauguration of the second House of Sciences took place, in the Huejutla municipal building, where it is expected to receive more than 1,500 students from the district confirmed that the founder of Fundación Tú yo Creciendo Juntos, Israel Félix Soto.

As confirmed by the Mayor of Mineral de la Reforma, the equipment given to this educational space consists of four 3D printers, four computers, nine kilograms of biodegradable filament for printing in different colors, a 50-inch screen, 24 sets of robots, and work. Gadget, light ring, three virtual reality glasses, protective gear and a green screen.

“Sister institutions like Building Hopes, Links of Strength, and Essentially Steady Arms, they’ve been insisting on these efforts with a New York brokerage, where that commitment can be made clear by continuing to cut more resources,” said the public servant.

He explained that the invitation is expected not only for the students of the municipality seat of Huegotla, but also for the students of other municipalities in the Huasteca region and even the educational institutions of the rural communities, for the purpose of having fun and learning. , taking advantage of the fact that the services are completely free.

Finally, Félix Soto reports that children and young people who attend will be able to learn robotics, programming, 4D printing and also rely on the production of videos for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

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