List of 6 thousand new rare diseases …

Almost 6 thousand rare diseases (EPF) was recently included in the list prepared by the Ministry of Health to announce the names of cases with the lowest number of patients worldwide.

By decision 641/2021Published Friday in the Official Gazette, the bag run by Jennies Gonzalez Garcia approved a “list of uncommon diseases.”

EPF They are those that occur infrequently in the general population and affect a small number of people in a particular population group, Which is called low spread.

This low prevalence is stipulated in Law 26689, which states that the EPF is a disease in which the population is equal to or less than one in two thousand people referred to as the national epidemiological situation.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 6 thousand clinical cases of low prevalence known in the world as rare or rare diseases, which may vary by country or region.

80% of EPFs have a specific genetic origin, with the participation of one or more genes, while others result from infection (bacterial or viral), due to allergies, or due to degenerative, reproductive or teratogenic causes (chemicals, radiation, etc.). There are also EPF factors whose causes are unknown.

Although these diseases can occur at any age, 75% of cases occur at children’s age.

Due to the fact that knowledge about EPF is still very recent and not very extended in the health network, it usually presents additional complications, such as difficulty getting a quick and accurate diagnosis, as well as a lack or absence of adequate or specific treatments.

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Among the diseases that are included in the official list are the syndromes of long and short stature, the clown. Isolated idiopathic micropenis; The penis and testis are not formed. albinism; Anaskiosis. And spideritis. Among other things.

It should be noted that patients with rare diseases have the right to receive assistance coverage from the health system, whether it is public, private or social work.

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