Lightyear (2022) review: A great sci-fi movie from Pixar that also works very well as a sequel to the “Toy Story” series

the study Pixar He’s given us many great films over the years, but certainly none more so than “Toy Story.” After all, it was his first feature film and with the adventure of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, he managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers.

That saga grew little by little, but from the first moment the question always arose whether it was necessary to make sequels. “Toy Story 2” showed us that “Toy Story 3” did too and “Toy Story 4” might be the least successful of all, but it was worth it and in its own way helped finish Woody’s story. There, yes, Part Five seemed out of place, but at Pixar it happened to them The best way to expand the franchise was to go in another direction.

solid foundation

The result is “Lightyear”, a Awesome science fiction movie It tells the story of the character from which one of Andy’s favorite games was created. So, don’t expect here a prequel to the series “Toy Story”, but one of the most exciting space adventures that also works perfectly well as a sequel to one of the most famous cinematic stories in history.

To be fair, “Lightyear” It could have been another character’s story unrelated to Toy Story. Little by little some details were changed, such as the use of “to infinity and beyond‘, but it’s not hard to realize that the project would have generated much less interest among the audience. In addition, the film was born that way rather than being the result of completely recasting a foreign script, a practice Hollywood has resorted to on several occasions.

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Having said that, the really important thing about Lightyear is that it’s never been brought up in a way that its presence doesn’t go beyond a wink. Here you will find a movie He has all the ingredients to conquer the crowd No matter what you think of “Toy Story”, especially for fans of science fiction movies.

irresistible cocktail

Lightyear Image Buzz

For now, scenario Jason Headley and Angus McClainThe latter, also the film’s director, knows how to perfectly combine the sci-fi element to suggest a hooky story, a few surprises along the way and enough virtues that the Lightyear movie alone was worth it.

However, MacLane is not satisfied with this and adds a host of lovable characters that easily evoke sympathy in the scenes, from Buzz’s insistence on fulfilling the mission assigned to him to the diverse cast of allies that wind up. Yes in deed , Above all, we must highlight Sox, the robotic cat who steals every scene in which he appears.

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In addition, the emotion emerges not only in connection with the tension over whether they will be able to complete a nearly impossible task, because, being Pixar, the studio’s desire to touch the delicate fibers of the viewer cannot be lacking. It’s always obvious he’s trying, but that doesn’t stop him from working, especially with that taped message saying they’re letting go of the protagonist. who – which Of course, Pixar plays with our emotions, but you also have to know how to do it well.

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And there can be no shortage of humor in the film that is still designed for the whole family, both to fulfill a certain function of comfort and, above all, to balance the tone of the “light-year”. Also, it’s not something that pops up every now and then to make it happen, but it’s almost always latent and simply pops up when it’s relevant. It’s not at all hard to believe that it was Andy’s favorite movie.


Pixar light year scene

In fact, the only but reasonable thing that I think can be put into Lightyear is that everything is still very much calculated. over here There is no such freshness that Pixar has been recovering With “Luca” or “Red”, which may disappoint some viewers. In contrast, there is a perfectly successful treatment of classic science fiction, but there will be those who demand more such study, and who lose out on throwing themselves a little more into the void.

In its own way, it can be said that it also affects the work of animation, it is completely irreplaceable from a technical point of view, but perhaps an additional creative point is useful here. At least they wanted to go a little further than they knew would work. There I can’t help but remember “The Mitchells vs. Machines”, and “Lightyear” lose out in that comparison. And I don’t think it’s unfair to do that either.

in short

Photo of Lightyear Pixar

Intuitively, “Lightyear” may seem like just an attempt to keep up the pressure on the “Toy Story” saga, but the truth is that it’s an entirely different movie that blends science fiction and adventure with great success. It’s fun, exciting, with the occasional surprise as you are fond of its heroes, but more momentum and innovation is missing in the picture, being a luxury fit for it. with everything, It is highly recommended.

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