Lena Tejero and Luquillo kiss in a game around the world in 80 Laughs

Lena Tejero She has become one of the people who attract the most attention on social networks for several years, and her way of being spontaneous and funny has made her one of the favorites. most popular content generators, Llanera, in addition to having an eye-catching figure, is also an undeniable beauty that makes her have thousands of fans.

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Another reason Lena is in the news is because of her romances, first Andy Rivera To which everything seemed to be going well with him, the singer even dedicated songs to him in his live performances, but that finally came to an end and when the actress was expected to get back together with Johnny’s son, he learned that she had a new relationship with him as well. Singer John Duke Which, after many comings and goings, also ended.

We can currently watch Lina Tejeiro on the Canal Caracol program, around the world in 80 days, Where they share television personalities with comedians, in the show there are personalities such as Camilo Cifuentes, Boyacomán, Mabel Cartagena, Melina Ramírez, Don Jediondo and Lokillo, among others, precisely the latter is the partner of Tejeiro, with whom they spent Funny moments and contribute Travel around the UK.

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Just a few days ago Luquillo and Lena They had a very tense moment when they went on a blind date as part of the program and the comedian suggested they play catch Kisses for luck because it was off the light, On the first two attempts, their mouths ended up in different places, but on the third time, which was the last, their mouths almost met, to which Luquillo jokingly told his wife to forgive him, to edit that part of the video.

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