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waiter turned Viral on TikTok After sharing haunting photos of a male client harassing her with an unusual request during her morning shift at a bar. According to the video posted on TikTok by Kayla to you, from the account Tweet embed, the customer It’s almost ten o’clock To the tape to make a misplaced request.

The camera remains focused on Elick throughout the confrontation with the man in question, and can only be heard in the clip. “Can I see your feet only once?“You hear the man ask.”what’s wrong with me?He answered you surprised.your footRepeat the topic.my foot?He says, before showing them his left foot, and he later looks into the camera. At that moment, Another man enters to say: “No these are shoes“.

Finally, he flatly refuses Elek’s request, while remaining polite to his clients: “I won’t get my feet off“, she stated before cutting the video. Surprised by the man’s boldness and discomfort with the harassment incident, the waiter decided to share her experience on her TikTok account, where the short clip had accumulated Over 4.4 million visits.

The meeting left many stunned not only by the improper nature of the conversation, but also by the man’s apparent foot fetish. “I woke up on a mission“,”I don’t understand these people on their feet“,”brother… People are very relaxed these days” And “man in public?Some of the comments made by users.

The heroine of the video added that she started recording at first because she was working alone and I felt uncomfortable with the presence of the client. He also responded to you in comments saying he should have paid an extra $100 to his account for a foot sample, saying that the guy eventually He left without paying his bill.

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This is one of the many TikToks that have gone viral in recent months, showing that women on the service are uncomfortable or insecure because of male clients. Last month, user Tweet embed Pictures of a man secretly frequently They advance sexually towards her Because she calmly told him not over and over again.

Cause this kind of TikToks Discuss safety procedures and protocols in the workplace, as many restaurants and bars seem to have very little To protect employees from harassment.

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