Learn about the work of 80 science workers in Venezuela

The Minister of People’s Power of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez Ramirez, presented awards for service merits to 80 science workers, on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary celebration of the Ministry of People’s Power of Science and Technology (Mincyt).

The activity that the minister led was appropriate to thank “the commitment, ethics and daily practice of the workers who work for the welfare of the Venezuelan people. Each of you is the standard of knowledge for life and coexistence. But they are above all a benchmark for a country that resists, believes and transforms.”

In this context, Jiménez Ramirez reminded of the tremendous efforts made by famous scientists, scientists, scientists, innovators, technologists and famous technologists to overcome difficulties.

“What a better exercise than the one we achieved with the pandemic, with the work of Venezuelans committed to knowledge. What better exercise than what we achieved with seed potatoes, from biotechnology, in being able to accompany farmers in a new alliance to save our agricultural biodiversity.”

In this sense, the Permanent Secretary of the National Council of Universities and former Minister of Science and Technology Yadira Cordova expressed her sense of pride in this recognition, at a time when the ministry is celebrating its 23rd anniversary. “Receiving recognition 23 years after the establishment of the Ministry of Science and Technology by our leader Hugo Chávez Frías is a great honor for me. I am also honored to be able to contribute, on a small and medium scale, to what this ministry stands for and what it has given the country.”

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He highlighted the importance of recognizing those working in the field of science who bravely overcame the obstacles of crisis and defied messages of destruction. “This recognition is a message to the resistance, to the rebellion of those workers, who, even in the worst conditions, are building technological independence, building a sovereign homeland for the welfare of the people.”

For his part, the immunologist at the Nicolas Bianco Colmenares Institute for Immunology of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and the principal investigator in the phase III clinical trial of the Sputnik V vaccine in Venezuela, Alexis García, thanked the recognition given in honor of the merit. His Mincyt.

“I would like to thank the Ministry of Science and Technology for giving me this recognition. This recognition is directed not only to me, but to the entire team working with me on various projects related to COVID-19,” the researcher said.


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